Monday, March 5, 2012

Recent Happenings!

Well after Las Vegas, Ryan and I had some fun little events planned for ourselves.
On the 29th of February we went to a Utah Jazz game that my company gave me tickets for. It was so fun to go with my brother in law and his girlfriend. We had great seats and a great time.
Ryan and I went out to dinner beforehand to celebrate his receiving an 'Excellence Award' from work! It's so awesome to be married to such a stellar man :)
So yes, we went to dinner and Utah decided to turn into a blizzard. Literally it snowed at least 4 inches while we were eating dinner. INSANE. But so pretty! I love it when it snows here in Utah.
So then we went to the game. It was against the Houston Rockets and we had such a blast just catching up and having fun with the group. Here are a couple of pictures...

Next, Ryan and I cashed in on the Valentine's Day gift I got Ryan! It was a glassblowing class at Thanksgiving Point! It was so fun! We did it on Saturday morning and it was just the two of us and the instructors. Needless to say, it was an awesome date. We each made these big glass flowers. It was awesome to watch the process of them heating the glass to almost 3000 degrees and then having us mold it and melt glass fragments into it to make the flower different colors. Here are a few pics from the event. For some reason some of them would not let me edit them and make them the correct way up. I am just having technical difficulty I guess. But you get the picture. Enjoy! We totally suggest it to anyone who is in the area! Definitely worth it!

And then of course we had to have a sushi night. Ryan was craving sushi so we went to his favorite place, Sakura. He knows the owner :) Evan and Travis came along and we all had a lovely time enjoying sushi and the most awkward bachelor ever at the table nearby. I don't need to go into details... Suffice it to say that it was different. I guess you just had to be unlucky enough to be there. But we had a blast. Yay for family