Tuesday, June 5, 2012

By small and simple means...

Yesterday was one of the greatest and humbling experience of my life. Lately I have been the biggest brat in the world... though my husband is too nice to publicly admit it. But I have been. 
I have been grumpy about my job, about not going to the Middle East this summer, about not going to Africa this summer, about not having a baby to post cute pictures of. But there you have it, sometimes life doesn't go as planned. When, in fact, life during those times is usually one million times better than you are willing to admit. 
Well yesterday I got one of those slaps in the face... Yesterday, I was sitting at work (admittedly the biggest thorn in my side) and I was irritated and upset about not being in Jordan, about telling Ryan that he couldn't go on a trip to the Middle East this summer because of security concerns, and being equally pissy about 'not having anything to look forward to.' Little did I know that I was retarded and selfish and bratty. So, as I was sitting at work, I decided to look online for some sort of fun vacation to take Ryan on so that I wouldn't feel as bad about him (or us) not going to Jordan with Zaytoon this summer. And as I was looking online, a miracle happened. I saw a link for flights from LAX to Lima, Peru for $700... I thought, 'hmm expensive but Ryan could go back and visit his converts and have a great time', and when I clicked on the link, the price went from $700 to $232 R/T from LAX to Lima. I was in shock. Seriously I couldn't (and still can't) believe what I was seeing. It was impossible. No flights cost that little. We can't even fly to California for that cheap! 
Well I immediately called Ryan and told him what I was seeing. And, fifteen minutes later, we had bought tickets for an amazing adventure to Peru. And as I sat there afterwards waiting the last few minutes before I left work to go pick up Ryan, I just wanted to cry. 
I wanted to cry because of the total love that I felt in that moment in time from my Heavenly Father and from my husband. For the fact that even though I have been rude and ungrateful constantly complaining about my lack of international travel was rewarded by an willing deity who really does listen to everything I say, even my complaints. And he gives to us those things that I definitely don't deserve.
I realized finally that this summer will actually be one of the best in my life. In the month of June alone we have already enjoyed Seven Peaks, picnics, canyon outings, and family dinners. We still have a Vegas weekend to come in a couple weekends. And I have a huge conference to prepare for at work where we will have an amazing week at Park City. But in the end, I realized that what really matters is that I get to spend my whole summer with my best friend, Ryan. Nothing is more important than that. I adore my husband and my life. If we always keep waiting for life to start, we forget that it already has and the good parts are passing us by. 
Needless to say, I have an amazing life. I have the best husband in the world who puts up with my cantankerous attitude. And I have the unique opportunity to have an insatiable need to travel and a husband to match. 
So, for those of you who, like me, sometimes forget that you live an amazing life, take the time right now to say a quick thank you to everything and everyone who has made your life that way. And always show thanks for what you have. And, of course, take advantage of the opportunities that come to you! Don't be afraid of a challenge! 
Life is beautiful