Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My husband is back and we're having a baby soon

Ryan is back.
No more grumpy posts full of downer metaphors about produce.
I know that this post is only about 2 weeks post his return but still. Better late than never.
My sweet joy of a husband has returned from the Holy Land and it was the best moment to finally be with him again at the airport.
Once I got up to Salt Lake for my conference, I was literally counting minutes until he got home. I HATE being apart from him. Anyways, the first couple days of my conference were long and full so they passed easily enough. But then it was the glorious day of Wednesday which meant he was coming home! He had been texting me from Paris (thank you iPhone) and it was so nice to know he was getting closer by the minute. Well then, it was the last layover in Minneapolis that was the real kicker. I got to have a legit phone call from him without losing signal or internet! Best feeling ever! Well I wanted to head to the airport then. I was done waiting. So I got all dolled up and headed off to the airport and waited.
There were 4 or 5 missionaries coming home that day and all their families were there with signs and balloons and petting zoos to welcome home their sons. I was crying when those elders came down the stairs for goodness sake and I have no clue who they are. Then a guy proposed to his gf in front of me and of course I cried then too since I am a basketcase.
And then, the joyour moment when my bearded man from the Middle East came down the stairs :)
It was so wonderful.
I can't give you a better description because there aren't words for that moment. But I think you can imagine. 
Well then it was time to get the baggage and get some food and head back to the conference in Salt Lake. 
Ryan was saddled down with lots of gifts and everything from our friends in Jordan and Egypt. But he, being the most amazing man on the planet, got me the most wonderful gift I could have asked for. He got me a replica mosaic of the Via Dolorosa map from the Church of St. George in Madaba.( if you want more info on that. But it is beautiful. The perfect combination of a map and art. I absolutely love it and I still can't believe that I now have it. I have loved this map for years and now it's part of my home. 
My beautiful new mosaic!! :)
My bearded hubs :)

Anyway, we have cute little baby clothes for Tucker and the cutest little blessing outfit you could imagine. Needless to say we are excited to have our son with us. But I won't post a picture of the outfit since you can all just see it when it is inhabited by my adorable son :)
But we got caught up on everything, shared our stories with each other that Skype wouldn't allow us to tell one another. And just enjoyed being in Salt Lake and hanging out with each other.
We had a lovely dinner and meeting with our friend Mazen from Jordan and it looks like he and Ryan will be going into business with one another in the future. 
We had a great time with Ryan's family who came up for a really fast little trip and got to go to my future sister-in-laws bridal shower. 
We sat by the pool, got tickets for a play next month, got our bikes ready for summer, listened to a lot of Bruce Springsteen and Journey and bought a grill. We are officially cool people now. 
Memorial Day was great, we had 4 missionaries over for dinner and grilled up a ton of meat and some pineapple and veggies. 

Enjoy the pictures of the nursery finally!
I still freak out sometimes when I think that I am having a baby soon. I have contractions all the time. Not the painful ones but just the extreme tightening that make my tummy look deformed. Everything is ready for the baby's room. It's kind of just the final countdown now. All I need to do is get a box of wipes and a pack of diapers and he is free to come into the world. Ryan and I are beyond excited for this little man to come. We want him to stay in for as long as he needs but we are definitely excited to meet his sweet little self. 
That's right ladies and gentlemen, we are having a baby soon :)