Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I love Easter. I say this every year.
Ryan and I were so excited about having Tucker celebrate his first Easter and it was awesome.
We got him a great little basket and got him some cute Batman shoes, an Easter outfit and lots of candy (that was for Ryan).
Stake Conference was on Sunday and let me tell you, that was a long two hours with a 9 month old. But whatever.
Because then it was DINNER TIME!
We had a delicious meal with great friends and family! I made a delicious pineapple and brown sugar ham and we had all the fixin's with it.
It rocked.
Anyway, here are the adorable pictures.

Mobility and Cuteness

Tucker is mobile!!
I know most people have warned me about this time but to be honest, I LOVE that he can scoot himself around. We have so much fun and I love having him sneak up behind me when I am in a different room :)

As you can clearly see, he thinks yogurt is #1

Wow I just realized how many of these pictures are of him eating. But, let's be honest, it's a pretty accurate representation of how he spends his time.

My favorite boys

Fat and grumpy

That face

He finds this very comfortable

Just playing with the chairs

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Did I mention my son is 8 months old? Because he is. I love every atom of his perfect being and being his mom is the greatest gift ever. I love him so much.
This is purely a post to brag about my son. And based on the level of adorability that my son possesses, there isn't much need for the written word to enhance this post. Just feel free to enjoy and absorb the cuteness.

This is when I, yes me, bit his finger on accident when we were playing. I felt terrible.

He loves taking selfies. He's pretty hip.