Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Well folks, we just got back from England.
It was so much fun.
And yes, we took our baby.
Maybe we just got lucky, but honestly, travelling with a baby is super EASY. That's right, I said easy.
We went to England for Ryan to interview for a PhD program at London Business School. They paid for all of his flights and hotels so we thought it would be a great chance for me and the little man to have a vacation. It was so worth it. 

This is the Flyebaby airplane seat. Best baby travel investment ever. In short, it's a little hammock that you strap into the seat in front of you so you can have your hands free while flying.

Waiting to board our flight in SLC. I love Tucker's smile 

Kings Cross! We definitely did the Harry Potter cart into the wall. 

We did our best to keep Tucker on his Utah schedule so his sleep times were from 2 am UK time to 2 pm. It was a bit odd but it worked out quite well. We just spent a lot of time in our hotel at night eating biscuits and watching British TV. 

This was a fun little park in a Church's graveyard. I know that sounds weird but it was beautiful and peaceful and the gravestones were super old. Like 1400's old. It was cool. Tucker and I went here while Ryan was in his interviews.

He loved to steal my fruit in the mornings

BEST INDIAN RESTAURANT IN LONDON. Spice of India right by Hyde Park. So delicious. We ate dinner here multiple times :)

Harrods toy section. They had Gandalfs staff and a Firebolt. It was awesome

This is Tucker on a broomstick. Not too happy at first

Clearly he is made to be a Seeker.

The big Lego man was a favorite

He loved this elephant

Beautiful Parliament

The lovely Westminster Abbey

Big Ben and his epic time telling chimes

We went to Buckingham Palace and of course Tucker was dead asleep

Ryan did this jump and then realized quickly that his rib was still very broken

Beautiful Hyde Park

Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery
How did I forget to mention how amazing this place is. I LOVE ART. 
Oh I could have spent days in here. Rembrandt, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Monet, Raphael and so many others. I was in Heaven :)

We stayed right up the street from here. Such a cute little place 

My favorite picture of my boys

Of course he was grumpy when it was my turn.

Best travel buddy ever

We were back in America and tired beyond belief. But we also had just had some delicious coronation chicken sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and fresh jam. Needless to say, life was so very good.