Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Love Ithaca

Oh life is wonderful here in Ithaca. It is beyond beautiful. It is beyond fun. And life is quite pleasant here.
Tucker is amazing and cute. He is the light of my life.
Ryan is loving school. His research is going the perfect direction. We are loving being here at Cornell. It is the most beautiful place. And there is field hockey. I love having the beautiful fall season all around. Seeing Tucker play in the leaves and hearing them crunch under his feet make me happier than I have ever been.
We have amazing friends here that are fantastic and lovely and they are great. 
I had a birthday recently and turned a whopping 26. I almost typed 76. That would have been accurate as well as to how achy my body feels after doing a Jillian Michaels workout.
We are currently battling an outbreak of foot and mouth disease and poor Roodle got it bad. Thankfully he is perking up after lots of sleep and medicine. But hopefully he will be better soon.
Anyway, life is so good here that we haven't been blogging much.
So yes. That is our update.
Here are pictures.