Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Catch Up

So it's been a crazy summer to say the least. Sorry I haven't kept up on the blog but now that we are moving and getting settled, I promise I will do better. 
So to cover some ground:
Ryan went to Peru with a BYU group to do some research down there and had an absolute blast for 2 weeks. 
I quit working at Azteca Systems after being there for two and a half years to be a full time mom to my sweet son. And I love it more than I could express. Being a mom is the best.
End of May we moved out of our place and in with some friends so we could sell our Utah housing contract. 
Tucker and I did swim lessons which he absolutely loved and we had a ton of fun most of June just hanging out by the pool with friends.
Ryan graduated with his masters in sociology and defended his thesis and passed. 
Ryan turned a studly 27 and we had an awesome birthday party with friends. I made him an awesome cake but of course forgot to take any pictures at all. 
Then we decided to head down to Cali for a weekend and the second day there scored the whole family some amazing tickets for a last minute trip to Hawaii a few days later. (I will post about Hawaii separately)
Then we went back up to Utah to finish up some last minute things and say good bye to cherished friends and family before moving to New York. 
Tucker turns one this week. I can't believe it still. (Separate post to come on that)
And Ryan, my dad and our friend Loren are going to drive across the country to take our stuff out east while little man and I fly out after his last doctor appointment in Utah.
Anyway, as you can see from all that, it's been a busy summer. 
Here's a photo dump to keep you going until I post more about Hawaii and the birthday bash.


Porcon, Peru

Saying goodbye to our favorite, Elder Garza

Taking selfies with Uncle Justin

Four generations of Coles men

Tucker's first bike ride. He was passed out. Newport Beach.

First Nike's

He loves his popsicles

We met the guy who makes some of the Iron Man costumes for the movies