Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on Baby Coles

Well I am halfway through this pregnancy. I am in complete shock still that it's even happening. It feels like it was just yesterday that saw those little blue lines that changed everything. 
Overall, this pregnancy has been a breeze for me. Yes I have my hard days when I am cramping or hate food. But really when I think about it, I have been so blessed to have been so healthy throughout all this. Really the hardest hard has just been dealing with the emotional side of having a baby. And I can't blame it all completely on the hormones. I tended to lean towards emotional basketcase even before I got pregnant.
We are still not sure what we are having. I may go insane. We don't find out until the 8th of March. 
I wish my OB would have just done an early ultrasound a month ago like everyone else has. But no. I am simply learning a huge amount of patience. But I know that when I do hear those awesome words of boy or girl, I will probably break down and bawl my eyes out. And that's okay. 
My friends are all starting to have their babies and it is amazing. Over the next 5 months I have at least one friend having a baby every month. So it is awesome to have so many friends who will have kids the same age as mine so play dates are a must.
I am so excited and anxious about our little baby. We will no doubt have an amazing child. 
We just need to be equally amazing for our baby :)

I promise I will someday post some pregnancy pictures... I just hate how awkward I look in every single one of them. So I just need to bite the bullet and swallow my pride and do it. But until then, be patient with me like I am having to be with my OB :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines Day, an Anniversary and a great long weekend

Like I have mentioned before. I love February since Ryan and I have been together. 
We have Valentines Day, our anniversary, a long weekend and its always the time here in Utah where the weather starts to pretend to get nice even just for a couple days before it snows you in again. 
And that's okay. 
This February is no different!
We just had a fabulous week that began with Valentines Day. 
Ryan and I both realized this was going to be our last Valentines Day without kids and that felt really weird. But awesome at the same time. So we both secretly planned out the perfect things for one another. 
I got him a pound of chocolate from See's Candies and filled it with his 2 favorite ones. And I put Batman valentines all over the bathroom since he wakes up much earlier than I do so he would see them. Oh and did I mention that Ryan bought us tickets to see Bon Jovi in April for my present?? Because it is the best present ever! We are super excited and I know our baby will just love it. 
Anyway, I came home from work to roses and petals EVERYWHERE along with candles and fruit and a cheese tray. It was absolutely perfect. I love my husband.
However, there is always a glitch for us on Valentines Day. So, for the past couple years I have planned on making Ryan his favorite dinner at home for us. This year was no different. We had plans to go to the temple the same night with the Elders from our ward and also a new convert. So, I get everything ready and put the food in the oven. Little did we realize that our over has decided to not heat up as much even though it says its at 425. In other words, it was broken. Last year, dinner was a failure, it burned and tasted weird because our oven was too hot. This year, it wouldn't cook to save our lives. 
Valentines Day resolution, we should probably order take out next year... 
But of course, Ryan being the amazing guy that he is, didn't skip a beat and we headed off to the temple without eating and had an amazing time doing some work for my ancestors with our newest ward member. 
Overall, I definitely would not ever change a minute of any of our Valentine's Days together so far. 

Now to our anniversary weekend!
We planned to go to Salt Lake for a night for our anniversary. I booked us a beautiful room at Little America (definitely recommend it) and we headed up there Friday after work. Needless to say, the Little America has amazing rooms. I didn't take a picture because I forgot but let's just say they are huge and classy. Loved it!
Well since I am prego to boot, I still can be picky about food. Meat and I have become only distant acquaintances and all I want is cheese and fruit. So, it's a fiasco trying to figure out dinners. Anyways, I made a bunch of semi reservations and lists of places we could go. Ryan and I decided the night before that we would do Indian food. By the way, Himalayan Kitchen in SLC is my favorite place for it in the city. But back to our dinner plans. Well on the ride up to SLC, Ryan said he didn't want Indian food anymore. We both wanted either Peruvian or papusas. I know, we are strange. But we began searching. And I am SOOO glad we did. We found the most awesome place to eat that you have never heard of in SLC before. It's called Del Mar al Lago and it is a fantastic Peruvian cevicheria. They have amazing menu selections and GIANT portions for fantastic prices. Ryan and I ordered enough food for at least 4 people because we weren't expecting the big portions. We started out with some amazing papa a la huancaina (so creamy and good) and some platanos fritos (to die for). Ryan got a ceviche tasting platter for his meal. It was 3 different kinds of ceviche and it was definitely enough to feed a family of four and I got some great lomo saltado. Delicious food. Yum. If any of you would like to experience some of earth's greatest food, let us know, Ryan and I will gladly go with you :)
Well we ate til we were bursting and still took a ton home with us and decided to wisely walk off a few pounds around City Creek. It was a lovely night with just a bit of a nip in the air and we had a great time doing a little bit of shopping and lots of talking just the two of us. I love my husband.
Then we headed back to the hotel where Ryan was anxiously awaiting to finish eating his chocolates and opened up a bottle of Martinelli's and found a movie to watch as we just took time to relax.
Side note: never watch P.S. I Love You while you are pregnant and it's your anniversary. You will be a sobbing mess for hours. And your husband will laugh at you. But on the other side of this side note, it does make you realize how amazing your spouse is, so I guess it's okay. Just be warned.
So we laughed and cried and fell asleep finally and then woke up to a beautiful morning in the city and decided to fill ourselves up to the brim again by partaking in the magic that is the Little America breakfast buffet. I could happily become 387 lbs at this buffet. It is the perfect way to spend a morning to fill yourself up for the rest of your week.
Well then we checked out and headed back down to P-town for the rest of our Saturday. We stopped by a wrestling tournament (if you know Ryan and I you understand that this makes us insanely happy) and we did a little bit of research for one of Ryan's classes. Then we met up with one of Ry's mission buddies for lunch (definitely was still stuffed from breakfast) and then we got back home to unwind. Ryan's brother and sister in law were in town so we saw them for a little while and then it was back to the grind of Sunday and being busy with church!
But thankfully we had Monday off (heavens blessing). Well it was the big day that we decided to get some bedroom furniture for the baby. And after only about 3 pregnancy meltdowns later, I finally could decide on one and we got it ordered! Yay! So about a week from today we will have our baby's room pretty much set up! Woo hoo!
In all these past few days have shown me just how lucky I am to be married to Ryan. He has been such an amazing trooper and friend to me throughout the past two years and even though I may drive him absolutely insane some days (especially now with these hormones) the fact that he can come to me and hug me and still say he loves me through it all, I can say that he's a keeper and I would be lost without him.
I am so excited for this year and all the infinite years to come together and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

This is simply a picture of the cutest puppy in the world. Not mine, but I am so happy to babysit :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Excitement for February!

February is one of my favorite months of the year. There is always so much to look forward to with Ryan and I wish that this wasn't the short month of the year. 
This year it is no different! Ryan and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary and Valentine's Day in the same week. We have a long weekend (hallelujah) for President's Day. And we should find out at the end of the month whether we are going to have a little David or a Riley! We are so excited to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Ryan and I have been thinking its a boy some days and a girl other days. We are definitely dying to find out already so we can start actually getting things other than furniture! 
Either way, I love this month and I cannot wait to see the changes that are coming to our family.