Thursday, August 30, 2012

My best friend

I love my husband. He is the most amazing man in my life.
Ryan helped teach Relief Society last weekend, it was awesome. But it made me think about how much he does for everyone and how amazing he is. I have never known him to turn down an opportunity to serve someone or to help out. 
I adore this guy. Every moment that I am with him, I learn more about him and love him more. He has helped me grow throughout our marriage and I cannot thank him enough. 
Needless to say, life is amazing with my husband and I know that there is no one else in the world that I would rather spend forever with. 
Ryan starts his Master's program now and I know that he is so excited for the chance to do research and narrow down his academic pathway and have a ton of fun along the way.
I am a gusher and I could literally go on FOREVER about the amazing man that I am married to. But, needless to say, I am the luckiest girl alive and I look forward every day to being with him. Being sealed to him for time and all eternity is the greatest comfort and blessing to be thankful for every day :)
So grateful for my life.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The calm before the storm

Well we have been busy bees. I feel like there is never a moment to breathe and then, when I get one, I don't want to be responsible and we go to Seven Peaks instead... It's a vicious cycle that doesn't allow for anything to get done. But it sure is nice. So we will probably stick to that for a while :)

So we have been enjoying out new ward. Our ward members are awesome and we have neighbors that are constantly giving us delicious squash... YUM! Our Bishop is a quiet literary genius with a PhD from Harvard and we have some amazing people who we have become good friends with already.

We (well, really only me) got vaccinated for Peru! I got pumped full of shots (eh, not so bad) but suffered horribly from yellow fever for the past two weeks (never want to go through that again). But Ryan is a trooper and put up with me as I was a sickly fool on the couch. I am kinda going plan-crazy trying to get everything together for us to go to Peru. I am so excited I can't even explain. I am so excited to meet the people and play with the kids, swim in the Amazon River and see bugs the size of a newborn! Alright, I will probably cry when I see the spiders that will for sure inhabit the underside of any bed I sleep in. I am sure their spidey sense has told them to prepare for the feast of my American flesh. But I will sleep in a tent made of steel wool if I have to. I do not mind. I can do this all without worrying about all the strange jungle diseases that I am now immune to thanks to the insanely happy woman who made my arms swollen and bruised with her sharp objects. Needless to say I am salivating right now at the thought of aji de gallina, fresh ceviche, and bubbly Inca Kola. Life will be complete.

I have found a way to keep sane at work while Ryan goes to school! It's this great site called Coursera where they offer free college classes from Universities like Stanford, Princeton, etc. They are the perfect way for me to keep learning without the cost of being an actual student and without the stress of tests and homework. I simply just get to to learn! It is so nice to do something productive with my day instead of listening to the same old annoying music or watching tv shows. Anyway, I am a fan.

And, last but not least, there is a new angel in this world! Her name is Julia and she is the new daughter of one of my closest friends, Kristen and her hubby Mackay. She is only a couple days old and I just adore her. Needless to say, I am DYING to have a baby. There is nothing like seeing how children shape lives and change everything. I literally cannot wait to have one of my own... So, in sha Allah, I can announce that little bit of news soon! ;)

I know that life is going to get crazy different in just a little over a week from now. Ryan will start his Masters at BYU and still be working part time both at the Church and also for BYU as a TA or RA as well as working with Zaytoon and his consulting company. So yes, life is going to be different. I will be going to work by myself everyday and at some point during his Master's we hope to have a baby. So yes, these next two years will be a ton of hard work and getting used to a new schedule but it will be good practice for when we move for Ryan's PhD! We have a great life :)

Oh and we leave for Peru in 12 days... CANNOT WAIT!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Do you hear the people sing...?

I swear that our life moves in themes. I don't understand it but I have been learning to embrace it. Either way, this past week has been a musical theme and it has been smashing.
So we got back from our California escapade and the very next day we went off to Cedar City to go see Les Miserables. The Utah Shakespeare Festival is actually a great program! They have beautiful facilities and the performances are awesome! This was our first show there and we will definitely be returning.
So Les Miserables is our favorite play in the Coles house. We both saw it (not together) for the first time in London when we were younger and it has stayed with us both through the years.
Though nothing can beat that performance at the Queen's Theater in London long ago, I have to say that the show in Cedar City is right up there. I liked this performance better than other plays I have seen in Salt Lake.
Well anyway, we headed down to the theater and found that they have a replica of the Globe Theater! It is awesome! Such a cool outdoor theater! We were inside a different theater for Les Mis. Titus was being performed outside. The vocals were fabulous and I of course cried my way through many parts. But the end always gets me. So powerful and we just loved it! We cannot wait for the new movie to come out this Christmas!
Well next in our week of musical noteworthiness, it was time for Journey! We <3 Journey in the Coles House. And when I saw that they were coming to Utah, I could not miss that. Journey, Loverboy and Pat Benetar are a great combination. The concert was at USANA Amphitheater and it was a beautiful night for a concert. So, we had an AMAZING time at this concert. We loved all the music and Pat Benetar killed it. Ryan and I both decided that having Pat Benetar and her husband in the family is always a plus. They were so cute together onstage and they have been married 34 years. It's nice to see some relationships in the music industry that last longer than a few months. Also we ran into some friends who were in Ryan's ward in California but have since moved to Utah. So it was great to see them and it was a really fun evening. Great concert.
The cell phones at night
AWFUL haricut that was in our view the whole time.... I felt so bad for this 17 year old girl... 
Pat Benetar. She is quite awesome.
Sorry this picture decided to only focus somewhat on our legs... But you can at least see the cool theater they have built there!