Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life in 2012

Well... Life has definitely been interesting in 2012 so far.
We have both begun working full time... Ryan at the Church Offices and me at my company.
It is nice to be making more money a week than we did in an entire semester for sure, but it is nice also to think that Ryan will be back getting his master's soon and then onto his PhD! :)
It has been a month of Ryan studying for the GRE at night and me getting out of the house so I do not bug him...
I have read 16 books now in the past couple weeks since I have NOTHING to do at night when I get home (and it is so nice!)... :) And on average they are over 500 pages each... Needless to say, I love that iPad.
We have been loving our new ward. They are such sweet people and the ward is HUGE compared to our old ward (though we miss them so much!) And Ryan has received a calling to work with the scouts in our ward. He is so excited to get those boys into a stellar program! We want to start cranking out some Eagle Scouts who are ready for missions!
Ryan takes his GRE this Saturday and he is very excited to be done with it! Then it's just on to finishing his grad school applications and then we are free from standardized tests forever (hopefully)!
We love our new apartment and are slowly accumulating the items we need to pull it all together. We WILL set up our television this weekend! And then I will post pictures onto here so you can all see our humble abode.
Currently we are movie buffs and have seen a ton. Our favorites are: We Bought A Zoo, Sherlock Holmes and Footloose.
And our new favorite song is "I won't give up" by Jason Mraz.
And lastly, this Friday evening we will be attending probably one of the most fun events in recent times! So for Christmas, I bought tickets for Ryan and I to go to a UFC match. It is this Friday and we are SOOOO excited!! It is going to be so fun and it will be nice to relax and get Ryan's mind off his GRE the next morning. I will post about the excitement.

So yes, this is our life in 2012 so far. Sometimes dull, but 99% awesome! We are so excited for this year and it is moving along quite nicely! :)

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