Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference!

I love General Conference. Hands down, best and most uplifting moments of the fall and spring. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, every six months we have a gathering of Saints here in Salt Lake City and we listen to our church leaders who we sustain as prophets of our time. They, as well as other authorities in our church, give talks on different topics relating to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is always so uplifting and rejuvenating to listen to these wise men and women and to gain more insight on how to be a better disciple of Christ.
For me, as a young, newly married adult, I find it amazing and awe-inspiring to see thousands of members of the church descend upon Salt Lake into our conference center and to fill it to capacity every session. But more so, I find it amazing to see the faith of others my age who are here in Utah at college, away from family, who still are dedicated to their faith enough to attend an ENTIRE weekend of church.... It strengthens my testimony to see their resolve to come even though no one would be any wiser. I am just so happy to live in such a marvelous place and to have these opportunities around me always.
For me, this conference focused a lot on families and the worth of a soul. Most of the talks inspired Ryan and I to be better disciples in our church service and in our resolve to share the restored Gospel with those around us. It helped us to know the areas in which we need to prepare for when our little family starts to grow in the coming years. It helped me to better understand family dynamics and how to be a more patient and loving person to those around me. My favorite talks were by President Packer, Elder Holland and Elder Ballard. Each of those talks really helped me to change my perspective on different aspects of life and to move forward towards a brighter future for myself and for my family. There were so many wonderful talks that I just cannot say enough about them... So, in lieu of that, I am attaching below, the link to watch the conference online through Please watch any sessions that you missed or would like to watch again, or even for the first time. These are true messengers of the Lord.

We had the fun chance to meet up with a lot of friends at conference and to enjoy this weekend with them. On Saturday, Ryan and I went up for the afternoon session in Salt Lake and got to scope out the new and BEAUTIFUL mall, City Creek. It is right across the street from Temple Square and it is amazing. The Church definitely held nothing back from this City Center project. The mall is clean, open, pretty and inviting. They have fountains that shoot fire and water. A creek that follows the entire mall that has live trout swimming in it. The mall even has a retractable roof for when the weather isn't ideal. For 2 whole city blocks, this new downtown is safe, fun, inviting and revitalizing for Salt Lake.
After the afternoon session, Ryan and our friends and I enjoyed the beauty of temple square on a perfect Saturday afternoon and had some lunch. It was 80 degrees, sunny and lovely. Usually when conference is rainy and dreary, it is not fun to go up to Salt Lake. Then, during the evening Priesthood session, we girls participated in the age-old tradition of shopping while the men are away. It is quite the sight to see thousands of women descend upon the nearby shops in Salt Lake and overwhelm the stores and fitting rooms. It is not the place for someone with claustrophobia nor impatience. We girls had a blast going to the stores and seeing the newest and latest clothes that we 'had to have.' I got a new summer church outfit and some new skirts and shirts to replace old ones that have been given to others.
Then it was finally time for the boys to be done. Ryan wanted to do some shopping too and we parted ways with April and Moose and went to H&M to get Ryan a new summer suit and to just enjoy an evening out together. Needless to say I have an amazing husband and we had a great time just walking around the new mall together.
Here are some pictures from the day to show you just how fun and beautiful it was... Sadly, I forgot to get a picture of Ryan and I... But the temple and conference center were sooo pretty. And the one of a dress is my new Easter outfit! :) Hope you all had a wonderful conference weekend like we did!

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