Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday at Work

Oh the joy of the thought of the holiday season.
It is currently freezing and windy and slightly rainy outside... And sadly I am at work and not snuggled under a blanket on my couch at home with a steaming mug of cider.
Ah well, soon enough once I am a mom, I will have that luxury.
I love this season. I love Halloween and carving pumpkins and seeing the leaves fall to the ground. (Utah isnt the east coast but I can't have everything)
I also just love that once November 1st hits, Ryan and I are busting out the Christmas tree! :) Say what you will anti-early-Christmas-joy people but I like it. And you don't have to come over if you don't.
Anyway, back to life.
We are missing Peru. A lot. And we are missing the Middle East. A lot.
But good news there, Ryan's consulting company might give him the opportunity to go to Iraq soon! (AWESOME) and I might be able to go! (EVEN MORE AWESOME)
I know we are weird but that's just what we love.
Speaking of my amazing hubby, he is so busy and working so hard on his master's. He is proving to me that he can do anything... Even that glorious PhD in a couple years.
I adore that guy. He is perfect. Especially while he watches Avengers cartoons in the morning while eating breakfast and tells me, once again, that we need to close our windows at night because its freezing here in the morning... Even though we are both fully aware that will not happen probably until we wake up to snow in our living room.
In other words, life is great.


  1. I'm a mom and still don't get to do that! Me and every other mom I know would pay big bucks for your secret! Hope to see you soon :)

  2. Haha I can dream though right Jocelyn??