Monday, November 12, 2012

Pre-Holiday Happiness!

Well Halloween came and went. We celebrated my Dad's birthday and had some great friends over for a Halloween party.
But then it was time for the most fun of they year... This means the Christmas tree. Luckily I married a man who thinks that Thanksgiving and Christmas should both be celebrated with a Christmas tree in close proximity and so the weekend after Halloween, we set up our lovely tree and it made me so happy :)

We are so excited for Thanksgiving next week (crazy!) and to be with Ryan's family in the warm weather of Orange County. It will be nice indeed.

We are also super excited about Ryan finishing up his first semester of his Master's program and having a nice long break before he begins again. We can't wait to go to Myrtle Beach for Christmas to see my family!!

We have had some great fun with friends so far in November and we are so happy to be here in this time of our lives. Its a wonderful part of life and we are so grateful for our future together.

So bring on the holiday cheer and the Christmas music and cookies! Life does not get better!


The crazy snowfall! It was amazing! 

Our delicious cookies and hot chocolate

Elmer! He is so happy!

Our Christmas tree :)

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