Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on Baby Coles

Well I am halfway through this pregnancy. I am in complete shock still that it's even happening. It feels like it was just yesterday that saw those little blue lines that changed everything. 
Overall, this pregnancy has been a breeze for me. Yes I have my hard days when I am cramping or hate food. But really when I think about it, I have been so blessed to have been so healthy throughout all this. Really the hardest hard has just been dealing with the emotional side of having a baby. And I can't blame it all completely on the hormones. I tended to lean towards emotional basketcase even before I got pregnant.
We are still not sure what we are having. I may go insane. We don't find out until the 8th of March. 
I wish my OB would have just done an early ultrasound a month ago like everyone else has. But no. I am simply learning a huge amount of patience. But I know that when I do hear those awesome words of boy or girl, I will probably break down and bawl my eyes out. And that's okay. 
My friends are all starting to have their babies and it is amazing. Over the next 5 months I have at least one friend having a baby every month. So it is awesome to have so many friends who will have kids the same age as mine so play dates are a must.
I am so excited and anxious about our little baby. We will no doubt have an amazing child. 
We just need to be equally amazing for our baby :)

I promise I will someday post some pregnancy pictures... I just hate how awkward I look in every single one of them. So I just need to bite the bullet and swallow my pride and do it. But until then, be patient with me like I am having to be with my OB :)

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