Friday, November 8, 2013


Well Halloween is over. 
Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!
And Tucker is very likely teething. 
Of course I would have the three month old who teethes.
And I haven't been able to shower in quite some time. Yay

Well to recap. We had a blast with the little man at Halloween. Tucker was Robin.
We had WAY too much candy.
We also put up our Christmas tree. For all you party poopers who think it is bad to do that, you can just deal with it. We love Christmas in our home and Thanksgiving equally. 
Little goo face loves the Christmas tree. And we love the goo face.
Ryan and I are anxious to get his PhD apps done before Thanksgiving. I will be very happy to get those done so that we can enjoy the holidays and just have to worry about the anxiety that will then come once we get impatient about hearing back from the schools. Xanax anyone?
And speaking of Thanksgiving, ALL the grandparents are going to be here in a couple weeks! Let the insanity begin.
There is so much to do before then! And one of those things, is to try and get Tucker to sleep at night. But we all know that is just a laughing whim. Because that will never happen. Ever.
Our little man is so cute though that somehow we still love him even though we are up every night from around 1 am until we go to sleep the following night. Yay for parenthood

Anyway, onto the cuteness.
Ugh could these boys be any cuter?? 

He loves his Sophie

Loves the Christmas tree! :)

His first Banksy viewing :)

Baby Dumbledore

Little Superhero

He likes sleeping in the big boy bed :)

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