Monday, February 10, 2014

That one time at U of U

So Ryan's big BYU wrestling debut was supposed to be this past Saturday. 
We were so excited and Ryan had been running and eating lean all week.
We got to the wrestling room and he weighed in and started warming up. 
Then it was crunch time. Literally.
I was over on the side playing with Tucker and next thing I know, Ryan is walking over to me holding his side.
He looks at me and says, "Babe my rib is broken and I am going to pass out."
I was in shock for sure. Had no idea what to say. All I knew is he had to get to the hospital ASAP. I tried to get Tucker all organized without freaking him out and Ryan in the mean time blacked out a couple of times. I ran to the car with Tucker to bring it closer to the building so we could get Ryan out and luckily when I was heading out of the building, Ryan's older brother and his wife were just arriving. Darcy was able to stay with Tucker while David and I ran in to get Ryan. Those inside had deemed it necessary by that point to just call an ambulance for Ryan since he had blacked out three times and couldn't walk on his own. 
So luckily, we were on U of U campus and there is an amazing hospital right there on the hill. So the ambulance could come quickly and they loaded him up. I rode up in the ambulance with him and Ryan's brothers and their wives met us up there with Tucker. We had amazing nurses and doctors and they were quick to get his X-rays taken and we were glad to find that his lung hadn't been punctured and that it was a clean single break. 
It was was fun while we were at the hospital Ryan actually saw one of the guys he taught in the MTC who now works at the hospital. It is so fun to see all the people that Ryan has taught and seeing where they are now. It was also great to talk to Ryan once he had some pain killers in him to ask him what happened. He is so cute. He just told me, "I got thrown into a stack. I heard it crack and I knew I had to tell you. So I got up and just told myself that Bruce Wayne could get up and talk to you and tell you what we needed to do so I could too." That's right, my husband truly ALWAYS is thinking of Batman. I died laughing when he said that to me. 
And when we got home that night i just have to say a huge thanks to our friends Lauren and Trent who brought a MUCH APPRECIATED dinner to us. Ryan was starving and hadn't eaten much that day and h perked up so much and got his color back after eating a lot of pizza and salad. I just can't say enough how much I appreciate everything that people have done for us. We have had visitors come by with delicious treats and games (Martinos, you guys rock) and more thoughts and prayers for us than I can count. Thank you to everyone.
Well needless to say it is interesting to have a husbnad who can't lift Tucker and help out as much with him. But I know we will be fine. We have so many friends and Ryan's brothers and their wives to help us out and we are super grateful for them. 

Before the break

After the break trying to show his BYU singlet. So sad :(

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