Wednesday, August 13, 2014


So this one time, Ryan and I decided to drive down to California to see his family one of the last times before moving to New York. We drove all night after putting Tucker to sleep, hoping that he would just sleep the whole time. Haha yeah.
No sir. He woke up around Vegas puking like I have never seen him do before. I was scared out of my mind. We didn't know what to do. It was midnight, we didn't want to wake up and scare anyone that we knew in Vegas. So we decided to keep going and make it to California as quickly as possible. It was the longest drive of my life. So much construction and slow drivers and I'm just trying to hold and protect my sweet son while he vomits. Well we got to Cali at like 4 am and we all smelled like puke and were beyond exhausted. We tried sleeping for a few hours and then got Tucker some food in his system via popsicles, crackers and pedialyte. Poor littlest man. Turns out he got a stomach bug that had been going around the swimming pools. Anyway, so that started off the trip with a bang. He started feeling better after a little while. But he sure was snugly when he was sick :)
Well onto the next day, Saturday morning my father in law asked me to help him get tickets booked for them to come see us in New York in August. I willingly obliged and got them the best deals available. Which weren't very good since it's a major travel time. Grumpy about the cost, we booked them and moved on. Until I saw on Twitter that American Airlines was having a sale for the upcoming weekend (July 4th) from LAX to Lihue, Kauai for $340 RT. Yes please, I will take 10.
So we got the New York flights refunded and booked the Hawaii tickets and hotels and rental cars and we were stoked.
So after Ryan ran back up to Utah and took care of some stuff there then we took off for the airport! 
We left on July 4th and got there around noon and I was so so elated I could have burst. We met an awesome pistachio farmer who ended up giving a hearty donation to Tucker's saving account. 
We checked in. Went to the beach. Ate some delicious food and began our holiday.

Well everything prior to this sentence I wrote weeks ago in the attempt to start blogging. Now, honestly, I have no energy to finish with all the pristine details so pictures and a shortened story will have to do :)

Alright lets see... So over the week we were there, we hiked Waimea Canyon. Went on locals only rope swings in the jungle. Went snorkeling and saw so many beautiful fish and coral reefs. We jumped off the Hanalei Bay Pier. We ate Pat's Tacos. 
Pat's deserves a minute of it's own. Pat's is by far the best taco I have ever eaten. I would have eaten there daily if I had found it sooner. They are a taco cart right at the end of the pier in Hanalei. Pork tacos to die for. Fresh marlin fish tacos. Holy cow I was in paradise in paradise. Anyway, do it. Go there. And order 5 tacos and enjoy them for me.
Back to the fun. Tucker had a blast swimming around everywhere. He is such a water baby and I just can't get enough of his cuteness in the water. He got so tan and blonde that week that it could be mistaken that he is not our child.

P.S. Sorry for the hipster filters in some of these pictures. Tucker likes to play with the camera and it goes into all sorts of crazy colors once he has his way with it.

Gaylord's Restaurant is to die for. Best things on the menu were the chicken and waffles and the filet.

Poipu Beach where there were sea turtles by the dozen it seemed. 

Waimea Canyon. Absolutely gorgeous overlooking the Napali Coast.

Roodle in a tree looking adorable. Notice the millions of hands holding him in

Uncle David showing off the big leaves by shoving my poor little man into one of them.

Hanalei Bay from the St. Regis Hotel deck

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  1. Looks like an amazing trip! I'll get there one day... ;)