Friday, August 15, 2014


Well we made it. Ryan, Loren and my dad drove out to PA with the moving trailers and though it was a rough and long drive, they made it in one piece. 
I am back east. I haven't lived here since December of 2006. Insane. But I am loving it. I miss Utah a ton and all our friends but it is so fun to be back.
Well we spent some time in PA with my family since Ryan had a conference to go to in Philly the first week of August. So we partied there for a while. 
Philly was the same as usual. Good for a couple hours and then I am ready to leave. Reading Terminal was nice to meander through and to get a delicious cheesesteak which I haven't had in years. No matter what anyone says, there is NOWHERE in Utah to get a decent one. We walked around Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and then came home. But it was fun to show it to Ryan and Tucker for sure. 
Home was relaxing. Ryan had a blast seeing where I lived for the first time. And Tucker had a ton of fun wandering around the yard and going to the garden with my dad every day. 
But now we officially live in NY. We moved in and now we are just waiting on some last minute furniture items and then we are done and ready for guests. As of right now we have no couches or a dining table so parties are Arab style right now. 
And words can't describe how happy we are in Ithaca. Cornell is seriously Hogwarts. We have a Wegman's grocery store and there are the most beautiful waterfalls and rivers and gorges all around us. 
Anyway, here are a few pics of life for us now. After this weekend I will hopefully have everything done around the house and I will take some pictures to post so you can see our new lodgings 

Swimming in Cayuga Lake, NY

Cornell Campus. 

This is the big pond at my parents house. They have made it so cute since I lived here.
Tucker and I slept an afternoon or two in this hammock in the backyard.

Tucker. Gah how cute is he

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  1. Sorry we missed you when you were in Philly! Glad to have you back on the east coast!!!