Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well I got old this year. I turned 24.
I had the best birthday with my husband.
The birthday celebrations started Saturday :)
I got my cards and birthday present from my parents.
We had an absolutley super time Saturday going on a 90 minute zipline tour in Provo Canyon. We had the best time. You go through a series of six ziplines and it is a great and beautiful ride! I found our deal on Groupon. We thoroughly suggest it.

After ziplining we got home and got ready for our night out on the town. We went to dinner with some great friends, the Field's and the Mickle's. We went to India Palace in Provo. We had an amazing dinner and then headed back to our place for some cake and pie and ice cream. We had a few more people come over and had some delicious chocolate cake and apple pie.
I have the best friends as well. I was definitely not expecting any gifts. But the beautiful flowers, cards and clothes made me cry after everyone left.
I really love birthdays. I have gotten to like them more and more every year... I know that probably won't last long.
On Sunday we got to then go to the dedication of the Brigham City Temple. It was a lovely ceremony and we had a fun time there with our friends.
After the dedication, then we went up to Salt Lake City to show our Jordanian friend, Salem, downtown and to get him out of his hotel for a while. We had a great time with him and it was fun for us to be with a new Arab friend.
But then on Monday, my actual birthday, it was time to go to work (sadly) and to spend time with my favorite present. Ryan got me a fish to put in my office. I have been wanting a pet for quite some time. I am not allowed to have pets in our apartment but I can have a fish in my office! :) So I now have a bright red betta fish. His name is Captain Barbosa and he likes to swim in and out of his pyramid. Needless to say, he makes my trip to work worth the traffic. I love this little guy :)
After work Ryan and I just relaxed at home and had some delicious Peruvian food. It was a fantastic birthday. Thanks to everyone who made it so amazing!

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