Monday, September 17, 2012

Peru- Last day in Lima

Well we arrived back in Lima after an amazing last lunch with the Machiavello's in Huaral. It was my favorite part of the time there. I got to make my favorite food in the world aji de gallina with Hermana Aurora. We made it together from start to finish. I was so happy. It was great to see the whole chicken just stewing away in the pot. Feet and all. I had an amazing time having her show me how to make the sauce, cook the peppers and prepare it. Ah I was in heaven. And to top it all off, we had the most amazing strawberry milk I have ever been blessed to drink. Simply pureed strawberries and milk. Nothing better.
We went to the Lima Temple to walk around. We were so happy to be there and, even though we couldn't do any temple work, it was amazing to see all the patrons who had obviously spent so much time and money to just travel to the temple. The hotel at the temple was full of Peruvians and we had a lovely time walking around the grounds. It is a beautiful temple in a nice part of Lima.
After all that, we went back to the Alca's for one last night. We had a wonderful dinner and then had some people from the ward come over to say goodbye. The Teo's knitted me a beautiful blue scarf. I was so happy to have that to remember them by. We also celebrated a birthday and had a cake and sang Happy Birthday. It was a great way to end our trip to Peru.
We got on our flight the next morning and after a long 12 hours, we were back in America. Overall, it was an amazing trip. I can't really explain how much it changed my life to meet these people. I hope that you could at least get a semblance of my emotions from these posts. But if not, I hope yuou can see the amazing place that is Peru from all the videos and pictures.

Thanks for reading through all the posts! :)

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