Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The best Christmas gift ever

I love the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Advent, New Years, you name it, I love it.
But this year it was extra special. 
If you haven't heard the news already.... We're having a baby!!

It definitely happened a whole lot faster than either of us were anticipating but the timing could not have been better. We are so happy that I am crying as I write this because I just want to have my baby now. 
We found out the week before Thanksgiving and it was SO HARD not to tell everyone we met immediately. We actually had dinner planned with our good friends Dan and Tia the day we found out and it was the worst thing in the world to not just run into her house and tell her. LAME.

So anyway, we were heading down to California a few days later anyway for Thanksgiving with Ryan's family and we decided that we would probably explode if we didn't tell someone. So we made a cute little card with a poem on it the Ryan wrote called Mistetoes and we gave it to Ryan's parents when we got there. It was so fun to see their reactions and to finally tell some people. 
Altogether, Thanksgiving was amazing to spend with family and to share our good news. 

We also decided to not tell my parents til we saw them in person at Christmas. So it was a very difficult few weeks for sure. It's kinad hard to hide morning sickness from everyone. Especially when it lasts all day and I can't really cook, eat or do anything. Joys of baby growing. 

We told my parents at Christmas when we saw them at Christmas and they were so excited. It's the first grandchild on our side and my parents and brother were just ecstatic. We had a great Christmas out in Myrtle Beach with my family and it was so fun to see my brother who just came back from his tour in the Navy. 

Needless to say, Ryan and I are so absolutely dying with excitement. We went in for our first appointment on December 14th and it was absolutely insane to be the one who was getting the ultrasound. We find out what we are having the beginning of the February right around our anniversary. CANNOT WAIT!!!

2013 is definitely going to be a big year for us and I just know (and hope) that time flies so we can meet our little sweet baby! Thank you 2012 for all your majesty. It's been fun

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