Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pregnant Life

First of all, let me just say that I really LOVE being pregnant.
I am poised and ready to go when it comes to this baby. July still feels like an eternity away.
There is only one caveat... I really miss food :(
So far, I haven't had any crazy cravings for anything. Just really love cheese and fruit right now. Although I definitely did just have a craving for those nasty terrible nachos that you get at baseball games... I gave into that one :) I do have to say, I never thought I would dislike food so much. I expected the queasiness but man, for someone who loves food and cooking as much as I do, this is much harder to deal with. It has started to ease up somewhat but I am really looking forward to having an appetite again. Sorry to my neighbors who might have heard me the other night dying outside my front door as I walked in and smelled the remnants of dinner. I can't control my nose or my stomach. I belong in a nursing home.
Note to self: Begin a nursing type home for pregnant women. You will make millions. But also suffer the wrath of never ending hormones.

I had my first real pregnant sleep this long weekend when I slept for 12 long and glorious hours. It was amazing. Ryan was so happy to have me sleep in. He's the best. I seriously did not want to come back to work. I loved being at home. I am so excited for maternity leave :)

Ryan has been awesome dealing with my lack of cooking and multitude of food aversions and my constant rush to the bathroom. He's a real trooper. So are the plastic bags that I always have on hand nowadays. I am a bag lady.
 And it is nice to be kind of able to cook again. I want to love being in my kitchen again. However, that whole love/hate relationship with food changes hour by hour still so most nights, it's a lot of me holding my breath while cooking and having the stove fan going full blast. It's just oh so much fun and Ryan is ready for me to cook normally again. He's tired of my lame excuses for dinner. My words, not his.

We have also been working hard on our weekends getting organized in the baby's room! Although now for some reason Ryan thinks that because we have a big empty closet in that room that it means its for him and his suits... Not so, my dear husband. If our mothers have their way with clothing our child, we will need all the closet and dresser space possible. We have moved a few things around in there and should be getting our baby furniture in the next month or so. We have a few pieces of furniture picked out and just need to make a decision... I am just impatient and need to get it done so it doesn't drive me insane that I don't have it. It will be much more of a reality, I think, once we get that all in the room. Right now it's still kind of unreal. 

But that dream does become more real every time I look in the mirror and see my tiny little bump get bigger and bigger. And every time we go to the doctor. I love hearing my baby's heartbeat. But I especially love seeing it on the ultrasound screen. So far, the baby has been mostly blob shaped but that's fine by me. I love my little blob.

This long weekend we apparently were missing the Middle East a bunch so it seemed like everything we did was something to do with that. We went and saw Zero Dark Thirty- Excellent movie. I know it's rated R but it was absolutely amazing. We also watched 5 Broken Cameras. It's an amazing documentary about Palestine and it was filmed by a man in a village that has been fighting against Israeli settlements. It's an emotional look at the facts on the ground there and it really made me miss those wonderful people so much. I really encourage everyone to watch this documentary. It is nominated for best documentary this year and its on Netflix. 

Back to baby. It is insane to think of all the things you need for your little one! I freaked out for about a month over different brands and things. For a while whenever I was reading through reviews it was almost as if some moms are coming through the computer screen guilting me into certain products telling me that my child will die if I don't get a certain stroller. But no more! I no longer will freak out about my child's life in a stroller :) I just can't wait now for my baby showers and see what I need to get and finish doing that fun part of having a baby

On a different note, I am so over this whole cold weather nightmare that is Utah right now. I don't know when this whole 'I'm burning up' pregnancy symptom is supposed to hit, but it can come anytime. I abhor being cold. Our pipes have frozen at least five times since we have been back and no matter what we do, it keeps happening. UNCOOL. I am glad we don't have a little baby right now since no matter what we do, it will forever be cold until the weather warms up and we would be spending a hundred dollars a month on heat alone. Apparently SoCal news stations have been freaking out about their weather being in the 50's... No sympathy. Bunch of wimps.

Sorry for the random subjects of this post. But I think you can see just how sporadic a pregnant mind can be  I will be posting the first baby bump picture soon! Just have to take one!


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  1. Don't let people think your child will die without a certain product! Just make sure it hasn't been recalled! :)