Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baby Tucker Update!

Well it is an amazing time in our little familia. We are having a beautiful baby boy!!!
Funny little story though about all this. So Ryan and I picked baby names when we were dating. Judge all you want but considering we only dated for a few weeks before we got engaged, there was really nothing stopping us. Anyway, so we always had decided to name our first boy David Ryan Coles. Ryan's family has David's running around all over the place and it's kind of a tradition. So that was our plan. Well then, Friday (the day we were supposed to find out what we were having) Ryan woke up and told me two things. 1: We were having a boy for sure. And 2: That his name should be Tucker. Well you can imagine my reaction... I was kind of taken aback that he was so confident we were having a boy since we felt girl the entire pregnancy so far. But also a name change?? Insane. Well I love the name Tucker for sure but I didn't know what to think. So when we found out we are having a boy, I tried to think of calling him David. It didn't work. I knew it wasn't David. Weirdest feeling but totally true. But then I just imagined little Tucker and it fit and I started crying (good sign). So yea, then it was to try and figure out a first name and it hit me, James. Nothing has fit better or made us happier than that. You know its good when the names just feel right. So yes, I know it's risky to announce the name before it's solidified on a birth certificate but let the naysayers gnash their teeth. Ryan and I love it and you have to admit, Tucker is pretty stinkin' adorable. 
So, countdown to James Tucker Coles is underway! :)

Ryan was so excited to have matching camo shorts :) He is going to be the cutest padre ever.

Yes, we will raise a wrestler who loves Batman :)

Alright so I just have to say how frustrating last week was before we found out. It seemed like every day something went wrong and just one more thing got piled onto my brain to think about other than my baby.
Monday I got pulled over literally on the exit ramp before I got off the freeway... For what, you ask? Oh that's right, not merging soon enough for a policeman in the emergency lane... Whatever. I got a warning but still. It was the first time I have ever gotten pulled over. Lame.
Tuesday, I smashed my phone tremendously on my way into my car after work. Obnoxious. And my hands are still bearing the scars of all that sharp plastic cutting my flesh. But luckily when I got home I saw there was a Groupon for just such an occurrence that would fix my problem and also save me $120 in the process. Awesome.
Wednesday, I had to go and finally get some food for us as we had maybe a can of beans and possibly one of pineapple left in the cupboard. And we all know that would not work for me right now. So it was off to the store and then it was time for the dreaded plane ticket buying task. It was time to get Ryan's ticket to the Middle East for May... Yea. If you know me, you know that I am not looking forward to his being gone for three weeks. I hate the thought of it. I know I am going to be a huge pregnant mess. But I also know two things. 1. It's the right thing for him to do and it will be his last time going somewhere without me, especially for this long. And 2. it's also kinda my fault that he has to go... I was the one who set up the internship that he needs to get going out there and I am thoroughly kicking myself for thinking of it... Great job Chloe. But the minute we get the confirmation that it went through and the time that tears would normally have started falling and long night of sadness would have begun, the Elders from our stake stopped by to talk to Ryan about an appointment the next day and also to tell us the hilarious tale of a biking accident and subsequent groin injury. So overall, it turned out well.
Thursday, remember this is one day before we finally find out what we are having... I was dying. We both were. So, anyway, like this week couldn't have gotten any more crazy. My mother-in-law decided to fly in and surprise us! She came in on Thursday night and I had the blessing of being surprised after work! So that was super fun to have her come in. So, we gorged on El Pollo Loco that night and talked about all things baby.
Friday, AKA most exciting day ever, finally came. Well it was excellent in every way since I only had to work half a day and we went to the doctors! Ugh the anticipation is a nightmare. I am not a fan of that. So we got to the doctors we got in the ultrasound room and we finally got to see our baby! Well Ryan was about to pee his pants wanting to know. He jumped out of his chair after about 30 seconds and basically shouted at the tech to just tell him what we were having. She was super sweet thankfully and just chuckled and said, "Well I was going to get to that in a minute but I guess we can start there... It's a boy!" Ryan just about died. He was so excited. I tried not to move too much but I seriously could not hold back my tears. I am absolutely dying with excitement. :) It was the best moment I have experienced thus far. Well then it was on to the mall to see Ryan's brother and fiance. We got to tell them it was a baby boy and we all went to Build a Bear to make a little teddy to give to our son and also to show everyone later that night to announce what we are having. We had a blast making our little bear. He is all decked out with camo boxers and a Batman outfit, of course :) Well it was a great afternoon and we then started going around with Ryan's mom and hit up the baby stores! After a bit of shopping it was time for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with a big group of friends and we had an absolute blast talking and catching up. But of course, Baby Tucker was the highlighted topic :)
Needless to say, the week leading up to the big day was hectic and slightly obnoxious but honestly nothing could deter us from the excitement of seeing our little baby! 

Overall, the rest of the weekend was a blast. Saturday we went up to City Creek and hit up some of the other stores there. Trust me, the outfits pictured below are so insanely adorable I can hardly stand it. And yes, my baby boy will wear this leopard onesie and matching hat. Feel free to judge, you just need to embrace it and accept your jealousy.
This will most likely be the coming home outfit... 
This is the cute little robot outfit Ryan picked... Oh Baby Gap you are so fun :)
And yes. The leopard onesie. Did I not mention that this is a Cole's boy? This is standard issue.

We also rearranged out baby room. Yes, I am super excited. We are so ready for this little guy to come.
Our crib and dresser.
This is an amazing picture that one of Ryan's best friends from high school drew for us for Christmas. I seriously think it is my favorite piece of art we have :) We absolutely love it. So, of course, it's going to have a place of honor in James's room.
And lastly, everyone needs to see the adorable leopard blankets we have for our sweet little babe. 
I just love them.
Jungle nursery
This is probably what we want to do eventually with the baby's room in the next month. We want to get the tree decal and then have the little swing with monkeys on it. Super cute I think. It's much harder to decorate a baby's room when you have white walls and can't paint. But it will do just fine.

Other than that, life is excellent for us. We are both busy with church, work and Ryan is busy with school. I'm excited for the summer to spend time at the pool, hang out with family, go to San Francisco, have a baby and take maternity leave. Who knows... There might even be a trip to Italy for us. Either way, it is an amazing year ahead of us and I am so insanely excited for everything. :)