Friday, May 17, 2013

Little things called lemons

I love lemons. Always have. Always will.
However, these past 2.5 weeks have been one big lemon that I am trying hard to make lemonade from.
It's hard to be positive when half of you is 7000 miles away, you're 7 months pregnant and Skype has decided to come between you and your spouse. And as much as I love my beta fish, he is not very good at doing tricks yet so I can't say he has helped much. Although he is a great glaring partner. We have stare-offs quite regularly that usually end up making me smile. 
In FOUR days Ryan will be boarding a plane back to me. That means I have almost conquered this unbearable mountain. 
But you know what? There have been a lot of positives over the past couple weeks.
Ryan and I have come to appreciate each other in a way we didn't really have to before. Because yes we are one of those couples that NEVER spends time apart. This is our first time being apart for longer than, oh probably, 12 hours. So yes, three weeks and not really being able to talk to each other on a phone for longer than 10 minutes without cursing Skype has been a little difficult for both of us. But once he is back, I know it will all seem like a distant lame memory.

 I realized once again what awesome friends I have. They have reached out to me and taken care of me even when they didn't know just how lonely I was feeling at the time. I had a FANTASTIC baby shower that I just loved beyond belief. Of course it helped that it was Batman themed and Ryan had Mother's Day flowers delivered to me right in the middle of it. Yes I cried. I couldn't help it. I will continue to try posting some of the pictures of it but sadly Blogger has mood swings and doesn't like my phone uploads right now. 

And you know what else? I actually have learned to appreciate my job. My mostly dull job has kept me mostly sane. I am really grateful that I could come here (yes I am writing this at work) for 8 hours a day and now that I have become an expert at keeping myself busy here, I can slide right into that routine after I have eaten a lonely breakfast and usually shed a tear or two on my drive here. 

But most of all, I don't know what I would have done while Ryan was gone if I hadn't had  my little man to keep me occupied and up most of the night. No he is not born yet but man oh man he sure can kick. And he is a night-owl. Definitely takes after his Father and probably Batman. But that's fine with me too because when I am asleep, Ryan is awake and I have been able to email back and forth with him some nights. That makes it great. I love our little bun :)

Anyway, the final hurdle is about to be jumped. I am so glad that I am heading to SLC this weekend to stay there until Ryan gets back. It is my company's huge conference and that will keep me busy until the blessed Wednesday that Ryan finally gets home. There will be much rejoicing 
So I guess you could say that this experience has at least made a large batch of mostly sour but slightly sweet lemonade. 
One that I will promptly pour down the sink once my husband is back :)

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  1. Wish I could be closer. You know I would have taken care of you. Love you :) Glad to hear that he'll be home in a few days.