Thursday, May 9, 2013

While Ryan has been gone...

Well there is nothing like living a lonely life in Provo. So I figured that I should update the blog to assure you all that I have not spiraled down into a land of depression. I am doing just fine and I am just eagerly counting down the days until I am reunited with my bestest friend :)
But on the bright side, Ryan is FINALLY in Jordan and I get to talk to him after a week of one sentence emails and final freak out when Ryan was in Alexandria and the road back to Cairo got blocked because of a protest and I didn't know where he was or if he would make his morning flight to Amman. So yes, after a long and stressful day of waiting and lots of tears, I finally heard from my sweet husband and he let me know that he was all safe and was going to make his flight. I am so ready for these next 2 weeks to be over. I love my husband and I am so over him being  gone. But at least I can Skype with him every day and hear his sultry voice and Heaven knows how much I love hearing Arabic so it just makes my days worth waking up for. Ryan is busy spending his days working over in Amman right now. He is gearing up for interns to start arriving this weekend and, thankfully, next week is his last full week there. Then it's just a couple random days and then his flight back here to Utah! If you couldn't tell, I am quite excited about that last part. I am so ready for him to be home! 
 I think we have officially decided that next summer, after I quit working, we will just head over to Jordan for a couple months before Ryan starts his PhD somewhere. We need one last family outing before that to get Ryan geared up for another degree program :) I love having such a smarty pants for a husband. 
Speaking of smarty pants in the family, I have found another way to ensure that Tucker will be a brilliant astrophysicist. I have found a baby swing that has a built in star show and it will be the first of many steps to lead him down that path of awesomeness. I know its weird, but I always have loved astrophysics and I dearly want one of my children to work in that field since I didn't. So there you have it. I am going to be an overbearing, but awesome, mom. 
With that said, I have been working hard getting the baby's room all ready to go. It is 95% done now! I have his bed all put together, clothes organized and put away and the dresser top is covered in all things baby. I also made a cute little name to hang on the wall. All we have left to get are our glider and diaper bag and some diapering supplies. Hopefully this next week the rest of these things should be delivered! I would post some pictures of it but sadly I am not going to do that until Ryan gets home because he has said he wants to be surprised with it all. So just hold out another 12 days people and you can see my son's room in all its glory. 
I have also been so blessed by so many amazing people in our ward. Ever since Sunday when they all found out that I was home by myself they have taken the time to reach out and invite me over for dinner, to hang out, brought over goodies and treats and just all around been amazing to me. I really am so thankful for them because it makes me feel like I am not really all that alone. It's pretty great.
In other words, today has been a pretty good day :)

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  1. You're doing great! I would probably be a mess by now. lol But you are learning that a mama can do anything ;)