Monday, July 1, 2013

Babe's Birthday

So my gorgeous husband had a birthday this last week!
He is now 26 good-looking years old and I cannot get enough of him.
It was quite the week for us in celebrating his birth! We started out by seeing Man of Steel on Monday night for FHE. Soooo good and a million times better than Iron Man 3.
Then Wednesday on his actual birthday I made him some delicous burgers for dinner (his current pregnancy craving) and went and got ice cream at Farr's. It was the perfect relaxing night together.
Then Friday we went to the Salt Lake Temple with a couple young men from our stake to do baptisms and came home to some wonderful pad thai and spent time with the elders serving in our ward.
However, Saturday was the day of the birthday cake. And it was an epic one. I told Ryan I was having breakfast with one of my friends, Amy Salmon and so I snuck out of the house with all my cake supplies, which is not easy when Ryan had decided to do work downstairs on his laptop instead of his office.
Amy and I made a spectacular Batman cake. It was a really good yellow cake with chocolate custard filling and the fondant on top was a site to behold as you can see in the pictures. Then of course we had to have sparklers as the candles and we sang to Ryan once a bunch of our friends came over for some cake and ice cream. I think I got an A+ for planning out a great bday week for him.
So, here's to my amazing and hard working and super studly husband! I would be remiss to go a day without telling you how much you mena to me and how grateful I am to you for all your hard work! I cannot wait til Tucker gets here and he can learn first hand what an amazing man he is blessed to have as his Father.
I have the best husband in the world and I couldn't be happier :) Love you babe!

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