Monday, July 1, 2013

San Francisco Wedding Weekend!

So my dear brother-in-law got married last weekend to the most amazing woman. We are so happy for them and just love them to pieces.
So the wedding was in San Francisco which meant another fun trip for Ryan and I to go up for it with the family! Let me just say, flying at 35 weeks makes your feet swell. And Tucker hated flying. He would not stop squirming the entire time and I felt bad about it. But the only other alternative would have been to drive about 14 hours to get there.... And that would never happen in this life. So we flew.
And what an adventure the weekend was. I think we had every airline mishap happen that was possible. They all worked out in the end but it was still kinda funny to look back and see all the problems. First my father-in-law missed his flight because he forgot his wallet at home and had to go get it. Then my luggage got lost for a while and I was without clothing or anything for the first day we were there. And we all know how easy it is to share clothing with non-pregnant people when you are almost full-term. Then my sister-in-laws flight got delayed for about 3 hours for no good reason and she made it barely in time for the rehearsal dinner. It was a bit of a fiasco. But in the end everyone got there and Southwest got me my luggage back and gave me a voucher towards another flight :) Thursday night at the hotel was also quite the adventure when we realized that my mother-in-law had forgotten to book another room for that night. So 8 of us slept in one hotel room on a mixture of 2 queen beds, a cot-type bed of unknown size, and 2 air mattresses (one of which wouldn't hold air and my nephew was not happy). It was definitely an interesting and fun night to be all crammed together.
Our first night there we had a great time over at Madeline's (the new sis-in-law) house and had some bbq and got to meet a lot of her extended family. Then Evan took Ryan and I to a great lookout point over San Francisco called Indian Rock. It's really quite beautiful. It was dark though so I didn't get any pictures of that. But you should definitely check it out if you are in the area ever.
Friday was a fun day where we got to go to the stables where the reception was going to be held and got to do some last minute set up and prep work. These stables are just gorgeous. I love them and it really made me miss my horseback riding days. I hope someday I can get back into it.We finished the nametags which were adorable. They were caramel apples and they were wrapped in celophane and then had a parchment scroll on there with the guest's names on them and then a ribbon that signified your dinner order. Super cute. Then we went back to the hotel and got some lunch with Ryan's parents and waited patiently for the airline to deliver my luggage so I could finally get ready and have on clean clothes. It finally came however and we got all ready for the rehearsal dinner.
The rehearsal dinner was at a lovely country club around Walnut Creek and it was a beautiful setup with delicious food. We had a great time meeting with family and friends from both sides and then the toasts and comments were of course emotional.
Afterwards, all the boys went out for the bachelor party. Ryan arranged for a limo to pick them up and they went to an improv show. They had a great time there, Ryan got picked from the audience to give material for them to do skits on. He was so proud. And then they had an adventure when their limo's tire blew out and they had to wait around for a different one to get them. They played harmonicas with homeless men, saw someone get pepper sprayed, you know, the usual. And then they went and got midnight sushi and finally went to bed around 3:30.
Well the next morning we girls had fun getting ready for the wedding. We got to the Oakland Temple and got to enjoy a beautiful and emotional sealing ceremony. It was just a wonderful way to see this couple begin their life together. Then it was time for pictures outside the temple and the usual hunger strikes to set it. Thankfully the pictures didn't go too long and we went and had a fun lunch with everyone before the reception.
Onto the reception. A word to describe it? Gorgeous. It was one of the most elegant and classy weddings I have ever been to. And of course, I didn't take too many pictures so you can't see all the awesomeness of it. But there were beautiful flowers everywhere and candles and lace. Just lovely. They had a cocktail hour with delicious lemonades and food trays. Then we had dinner with filet mignon and salmon. Then dancing and toasts and a wonderful hot chocolate bar with different desserts and wedding cake. Needless to say I think Tucker was confused as to what the heck was going on while we were dancing for hours. By the end of the night my poor feet were so swollen and sore that I think they still haven't recovered.
Either way, we were so happy to be there and share in the new couple's day with them. Maddie and Evan were both just so beautiful and we are so excited for them.
Well on our last day in San Fran Ryan and I were some of the only ones left since most eveyrone else had morning flights. So we went around the city with Ryan's aunts and some cousins. It was so fun. We went to Union Square, CHinatown, Little Italy, Lombard Street, and Fisherman's Wharf. It was a lot of walking again but it was worth it. It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun seeing everything and eating some delicious food.
Then it was time to head back home. When we finally landed in SLC it was almost midnight and I don't think I have been that tired in years. But, like I said, it was a weekend that we definitely needed and had a blast with family and friends :)
This is not a comprehensive look at all the photos because I don't have all of them yet. But I might update it again if I can remember to later on. Either way, enjoy!

Might be a tad grainy but you can see how beautiful her dress is! :)

Walking around Walnut Creek

My beautiful siblings-in-law

Yes that is the speed limit at the Oakland Temple.

All the boys with their Mother on the dance floor.

Ryan and his beautiful cousin Rashea

Waiting outside the temple for the newlyweds to come out

I love that they are holding hands :)

Limo ride back to the train to head on home. My feet were way too swollen to walk.

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