Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Impending Baby-ness

This child is as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. I know this because when I was at that legendary loch the first time, the monster eluded me there, even though I knew in my heart that he was real. 
I also took about 500 hundred pictures of a floating stick off shore while I was there. And this was in the time BEFORE digital cameras... So needless to say, paying to develop those masterpieces was well worth it. I should find some and post some for your viewing pleasure one day. But not today.
I am also probably just as water-logged as that poor mythical beast. I am like a modern-day plesiosaur by the end of the day and even regular sandals can't handle these puffer fish that have become my feet.
Regardless, this baby is going to be here soon! And though I have more definitive proof than I had or ever will have of Nessie, AKA an actual human inside me, to show for my belief in that statement, it still does not seem real. I know he HAS to come at some point. But that is still so vague that it's still kind of imaginary to me. 
I would also like to petition for a new time frame of a 4th trimester to be instituted into the pregnancy mantra. Because my 3rd trimester has flown by. No problem at all. Loved it. However, these last 2 weeks of pregnancy are basically taking 3 months in my mind, hence the naming of the 4th trimester. Just so women are prepared mentally to go through this mind-numbing period.
In other useless news, I have started getting the, "You're still here?" questions at work and church and such. Yes I am still here. Though every time that you ask me that, I get slightly closer to answering in the negative or saying that I have had my baby already and that I just love work so much that I chose not to take any time off. Oh and that I am just fat too. Thanks for pointing it out. That would probably go over really well. 
So I guess what this post has shown and hopefully made clear, is that I really have nothing useful to say right now until Tucker gets here. But do prepare yourselves for baby overload once he finally makes his appearance. Just know that I am healthy and so is our son and we couldn't ask for anything more than a happy, healthy baby to come into our lives :)
Until then, au revoir!

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