Thursday, August 15, 2013

Learning Curve

Well I know that my son is now three weeks old and I am finally getting around to putting up things on the blog. But I couldn't help it.
It has been a madhouse! We had family in town right off the bat once Tucker was born. That was great! However, being the OCD weirdo that I am I felt the need to cook and clean and show everyone that I could do it all. This is on top of just getting out of the hospital and recovering and not sleeping and all that typical post birth jazz. I know, I am bizarre. 
So yes, it was crazy hectic and Tucker didn't get too much of a break either. We had Ryan's family in town first. It was great to have my mother in law here to help me with the baby when I would concede that I needed help. She was very loving and patient with my stubborn self. 
Tucker had a traumatic experience of getting circumcised at the doctor's office. It was so sad to send him into that forbidding room. Luckily Ryan was there though to be with him. Along with his uncle and grandpa. It was a big family affair. But we couldn't have asked for a healthier baby boy and I am so grateful for that.
My parents got into town a week later and they were so overjoyed to meet their first little grandson. They too were a big help while they were in town. They stocked our kitchen to the brim and took care of Tucker so I could do little things like shower or sleep. 
It was awesome to have everyone in town for Tucker's blessing. We had to do it pretty much right away because it is so hard to coordinate trips where families from two coasts have to come into town.  But it worked out perfectly. Tucker wore his little gallibea that Ryan got him in Cairo and we had all our family and friends come to the church for the blessing. Ryan gave him such a powerful blessing that I was just blown away. I really have such an amazing husband. 
Well after that, Ryan's family headed back home to Cali and my family stayed for another week. Like I said, we had people here non-stop. Ryan also had to head out because he had to go to Montana for a quick research trip for work. He went and partied on the Cheyenne Indian reservation there for a few days. It was so cute to FaceTime with him at night and see how much he missed us. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to him going to Italy at the end of the month. 
But other than that, I think Ryan and I are adjusting to this parenthood thing pretty well. My physical recovery has been so fast and easy. I feel great and I am just excited to be able to go to the gym again and get back into shape. I have this odd flap of skin where my abdominals should be that needs to secede from the union. 
Tucker nurses like a champ. He caught on so fast. He doesn't fuss unless there is something wrong. And he makes the cutest noises and faces that his dad and I just adore. We are all getting better at sleeping. Tucker for a while was only waking up once at night which was amazing. Now he is a little bit confused still about the purpose of nighttime but we are working on it. I am learning how to be at home full-time. It is awesome and wonderful, I just know that once Tucker and I have a routine, it will be a lot easier. It is hot though. Which means I don't like taking Tucker out in his stroller for walks during the day because of the heat. I usually have to wait til nighttime to do that when it's cooler. 
I do know though that there is nothing greater than being a mom. I absolutely love being with my son and taking care of him. And even though sometimes I feel like an idiot because I can't seem to calm him down or get him to sleep when I need to take care of things, I can't help but love the fact that he loves being with me. He loves being held and falling asleep on me. I know this won't last forever. He is almost a month old already for goodness sake. And that's why, in those moments, I have learned to forget about folding the laundry or doing the dishes. He is so much more special and important than any of those things. I utterly adore him and I know Ryan does too. Our little family feels so much bigger and yet closer now that he is here with us. 

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