Friday, May 4, 2012


So, Ryan and I bought bikes... Online... Which means they do not come assembled...
Needless to say Ryan and I have learned our lessons and will NOT be those parents who are trying to assemble a blasted bike for one of our kids on Christmas Eve... So, lesson learned.
Anyway, my bike was delivered the other day and I was, of course, delusionally excited to put it together in about 15 minutes and be out riding within 20. Obviously I was wrong.
I started out by fighting with the box and finally got everything out. Then it was onto deciphering the assembly book. AND of course they had sent me the wrong assembly book. Happy day. Now maybe some of you are able to whip together a road bike in my anticipated amount of time... But I am no connoisseur of road bikes and that means that I am a babbling idiot when it comes to at-home assembly.
So, I waited for Ryan to come home and for him to take a stab at this awful bicycle that I was ready to pack up and ship back to the hole it came from. But I was patient, lazy and frustrated. So I ate a 'healthy Oreo' (yes I bought the kind that say they are healthy) and played Scramble with Friends until the hubs got home from the gym.
He asked me how much I had gotten done. I proudly told him that I had put on the pedals and that was it. Even those pedals took me 25 minutes to screw on. Little did I know that I was doing it wrong...
Anyway, while Ryan was working away on my bike, My dear friend Nate offered to come to the rescue. He came over and he and Ryan were successful in putting it together and I was able to go on a completely undeserved ride (since I really didn't do much)... But I put my feet on those pedals that I worked so hard to put on and I rode like the wind! Well more like a slow breeze through the parking lot next door...
Either way, success was ours and it was so sweet.
Ryan's bike will be coming soon and we will not be defeated in that assembly! So, insha Allah, we will be the new biking gang of Provo before you know it! Watch out Provo! The Coles are taking over the bike lanes!  

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