Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day!

Well it was going to be another dismally cold and rainy holiday in P-Town... So we booked it down to the West Coast!
We decided to head down to Orange County for the weekend to enjoy Memorial Weekend. Ryan and I finished work around noon on Friday and we headed home to get everything thrown into Evan's truck to take to California. We picked up Joey (my brother-in-law) and met up with Evan (other brother-in-law) and our friends Dan and Tia when we got to our house. We loaded up all 5 bikes that we were taking along with our luggage and set out on the open road... The drive down was super windy and it was a pain to keep the truck from being blown into passing vehicles and roadside shanties.. But regardless, we made it to Ryan's parents house around 10ish Friday night and spent some time chatting and falling asleep while speaking. I eventually succumbed to my old age and went to bed exhausted only to enjoy the company of my favorite dog in the world, Beyonce. She graciously joined Ryan and I and snuggled with us all night long. Sleeping with a snuggly puppy is the best...
Well Saturday morning we woke up and went to the gym. Tia and I had a blast doing cardio on the 2 treadmills that were working in the place (although they would shut off after every mile... really helpful) and then we went back home where I made everyone a pile of spinach eggs and delicious spicy hashbrowns. Feeding a hungry group of 4 boys and 2 girls requires a whole lot of eggs... But it was delicioso.
Afterwards we got showered and prettied up because we were off to Newport Beach to ride bikes and boat around the harbor! We dropped the boys off about 8 miles from the beach and they all rode in a pack to the beach while we ladies (and Roland) drove to the beach (smarter decision) and found some parking spots (nightmare) and waited for them to arrive from their jaunt. Oh and this is where I mention my half hour ordeal of finding a parking spot that would fit Evan's giant truck WITH a bike rack on the back of it. NIGHTMARE ON BEACH STREET is the title of that half hour of my life. But eventually I found a spot a mile away from everyone else and made them walk to me to gather the 4 million bikes that we now had inhabiting the bed of the truck. I must have looked like a mobile bike rental. It was great. But anyway, we got unloaded, crossed the street without being struck by expensive vehicles and made our way to the boardwalk to eat some sandwiches that we had brought with us. We embarked on our biking journey and rode down the beautiful boardwalk (made of concrete) down to another pier at Newport. It was so fun and the weather was perfect. Nice and breezy but enough sun to keep you warm and give you a slight tan (or if you are the boys, turn you into a partial lobster on your back...)
After bike riding it was time for us to check in for our boating extravaganza at the Balboa Pier. So, we rode back down to the truck and other vehicles, loaded all the bikes into the truck to make it back into a rental business again and hoped that no one would steal anything. Then it was time to find another parking spot for that thing... Luckily enough we found one right by the boat docks and only had to wait for a minute to pull into the smallest spot known to man.
We ordered some pizza at the  pier and took that on the boat and ate away happily as we stared at the mansions on the harbor wondering how on earth these people afford these homes and what illegal businesses they owned to obtain such wealth.... My prevailing theory is that they must buy and sell Eastern Europeans. It's highly logical and quite possibly the only explanation available.
After the boat ride we all went back to the Cole's house and went into the hot tub to soothe the boy's sunburns and then we goofed around inside being lazy until we all went to bed.
Sunday morning we woke up and went to church at 9 with David and Darcy (brother and sister in laws) and sustained David as one of the new counselors in his wards Young Mens Presidency. He stood up very straight when his name was called and we were so proud of him for accepting that calling. After sacrament, we went back to the house and laid out in the sun for about 6 hours. The boys stayed in the shade a lot since they were already very tender and had gone through a huge bottle of aloe. But I soaked up the rays and definitely did not want to be in Provo for the lovely rainy weather they were having.
Everyone came over for Sunday dinner and we ate outside and played ladder golf (i was sorely defeated) and then we all piled into the living room to talk and joke for the next 3 hours until I once again succumbed to old age syndrome and went to bed...
Monday morning was the day we all dreaded as we knew we would have to head back to Utah and so we went to the gym, and then met up with our friends Justin and his lovely girlfriend Ashley for breakfast where we laughed and waited 4 hours for our waitress to arrive... No big deal, we were just starving. But then the happiness had to end and we packed up the truck and once again made that long journey back to Utah. When we were stopped in Vegas to get gas and food, we were so tempted to just get a big room at one of the hotels and call in sick on Tuesday... But our consciences got the better of us and we instead rode the rest of the way home to arrive tired and beaten on our door steps and to know that at 6 am Ryan and I had to be up again to go to work... Joy oh joy...

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