Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Provo in Summer = Crazy Time

Well I thought I would update on our summer so far to the 6.5 people who read this blog. :)
Ryan and I are both working full time still up in Riverton and Sandy. Life is pretty nice when you don't have homework after a long day and all you have to do is decide whether or not to be active enough to go to the gym or just lay around and watch a Redbox...
So yes, we are enjoying the working life and have had some fun times already this summer!
As you can see from our last post, we bought bikes and have become the hottest bike-riding hipster-hitters in town and we love it. We have ridden all over kingdom-come and even have gone down to the lake on the trail and also ridden through the canyon! Although the canyon ride we did at night when it was PITCH DARK (though Ryan will not admit that point, claiming that he is basically a bat with night vision... I did not know about that genetic trait when I married him... ) And I could not see a thing and I was worried about falling into the raging river of death and also being side tackled by a mountain lion, but no biggie. We made it down after much grumbling on how slow I was going on my part due to the lack of sight... Regardless, we are in love and have a great time together.. As long as I am going the appropriate speed on a dark canyon path at 10 pm.... :)
We have gone to the lovely BYU duck pond a couple times already to enjoy the splendor of animal life and baby animals that I would love to take home and let live in my bath tub if only my husband and landlord would allow that... Here are some pics from that fun adventure!

And we also got to have the awesome excitement of watching a solar eclipse the other day!! I have always wanted to watch one and I finally got the chance! Utah had an amazing view of this super awesome event and it really hit home to me just how wonderful this world is that we live in... I am always in awe of this Creation and how absolutely perfect it is.
I know this pic doesn't show anything useful but it's proof that I was at least out there...

We have Memorial Weekend coming up soon (AKA 2 days from now) and we are excited to say that we are going down to California to spend the weekend with Ryan's parents. Our friends Dan and Tia are going to come with us and hang out to celebrate their one month anniversary together on the lovely Newport Beach! It should be a blast and we are all very excited since Utah decided to get cold and rainy this week... No bueno..
We have also been brilliant enough to buy the Seven Peaks Summer Pass and are very excited to spend our evenings and weekends at the water park soaking up some sun and enjoying a watering hole that we can swim in. Along with that we have also gone midnight mini golfing with Evan and Travis (yes they had a man date...) and we had a blast tooling around Orem and realizing how ghetto that city can look late at night. No offense to any Orem-ites who read this... I love it there... You have delicious Thai food and Five Guys.
We are moving to a bigger town home in July that we are very excited about! We will finally be able to settle somewhere for a couple years while Ryan does his Master's program... And, inshallah, it will be the tender abode that we bring our baby home to! (No I am not prego... Just planning ahead for the future...)
Ryan turns 25 next month and we are super excited for him to be a quarter century old! :) I got us a zip lining adventure for his bday and we will be using that sometime this summer.
As well as going sailing on the Great Salt Lake! We and a couple friends are going to embark on a wonderful sun soaked day of sailing out on the salty waters of our state. We are so excited to try this this summer!
We have July 4th plans to hang out here in Provo and see Stadium of Fire and Ryan's parents have decided to come up for a quick visit around then as well! So we will have some fun and probably float down the Provo River!
We also will have the chance to see our nephew get baptized this summer! Roland (Ryan's sister's son) is turning 8 in July and we are so excited to go to Cali to spend time with him on that awesome day!
And, of course, Ryan and I are going to see Journey in August with Pat Benetar up in Salt Lake. This will truly be a glorious day and we literally cant wait!
Hopefully my parents will be able to come out at some point this summer! It has been ages since we have seen them and definitely don't want to wait all the way to Christmas to spend time with them!
I promise to post on all these fun events throughout the summer and hopefully you all have as much fun as we do! :)

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