Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I love spring

         So these past few weeks Ryan and I have been able to enjoy the bliss of springtime here in Utah. A couple of weeks ago Ryan picked me up from work and told me how his Mom has told him that they were all going as a family to the beach the following day (Saturday) to rise bikes and enjoy a day together. Well, I automatically decided that we were part of the family too and that we should be there too. So Ryan and I decided that we would go home, pack and head out to surprise his parents that night. Well the drive was going swimmingly and wee only had one hiccup when we came to a dead stop right before Vegas. We were stopped for 2 hours because an SUV rolled and the rescuers were trying to get some survives out of the vehicle to safety. It was a scary accident that made us all very grateful to be alive and that we were safe.
Well we ended up getting to Ryan's parents house at 2 am. We ran the doorbell and surprised Pam and Scott by waking them up to see our pretty faces. Needless to say, we were so happy to be there and we enjoyed going to bed with their dog, Beyonce, and to sleep finally.
Well since we only had one day to enjoy with the family we made the most of it by waking up and heading down to Laguna Beach. Well it turned out to be cold and overcast at the beach. So we quickly had lunch and headed back to Pam and Scott's house where it was sunny and hot. We laid out by the pool and lounged in the sun with family and friends. We played a fun yard game called ladder golf and we swam and soaked up some much needed rays! Here are some pictures from the day! My nephew Roland had fun making silly faces and Ryan had fun floating around the pool with Beyonce.

Sadly then the time came to leave for Utah again. We left early on Sunday morning very fulfilled from our 24 hour trip down to sunny California!
Later on in the week, once we were back in Utah, we got to attend some very special experiences with our friends. Our friend Brenden was set apart as a missionary! He is such an amazing man and Ryan and I were so blessed to have met him over in Jordan and for Ryan to have been able to teach him the mission prep lessons in the Holy Land. So we were so proud to be a part of this experience for him and that Ryan was able to stand in on the blessing. Then the following day was the day we got to take him to the MTC! Ryan had breakfast with him and then I got to join them to go to the MTC. We had lunch and went to the madness that is an MTC dropoff day. We said our tearful goodbyes and I gave him one last handshake before we sent him off for 2 years to serve in Nevada! We are so proud of him and are so excited to hear about his experiences and to see him grow! Excuse my haggard appearance... I am a cry baby and this setting apart was no exception... And yes, this is right before he was set apart... I didn't make him sin.
Lastly, this same week, we were able to attend an amazing and beautiful sealing for our friends Dan and Tia. We adore this couple and are so excited for them to start their new life together as an eternal family. It was I the Salt Lake Temple where we were married and the temple president performed the sealing. He spoke some beautiful words about the importance of marriage and the sealing ordinance. The happy couple was glowing and, of course, I was crying away happily as I saw two of my closest friends be sealed to one another for the rest of time. Couldn't be happier for them! Ryan was one of the groomsmen and he was dashing in his vest! Here are a couple pics from the day!
We enjoyed a beautiful reception later that night at Thanksgiving Point in the gold club house. It was a beautiful homage to a gorgeous couple! Congrats!

All in all it was an amazing little while to be spiritually uplifted an to focus in all the good that is going on in the world today!

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