Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best Parents Already

So, not to brag, but I think Ryan and I are going to be pretty cool parents. Last week we got to go see Bon Jovi in SLC. It was AWESOME!! And Tucker had a blast I am sure. Nevermind the fact that I had beer spilled all over me even before the concert started by two drunk girls behind me. Nevermind the fact they didn't even apologize or offer to get me some napkins. No sir, they were the rudest and most useless people I have encountered in a long time. But besides that and the monster contractions I had in the middle of the concert, it was a fabulous night that no amount of beer or Braxton Hicks could ruin. 
Well Bon Jovi was so excellent. He is so worth going to see in concert. He is an excellent entertainer. 

I apologize for the terrible iPhone picture. But that's what you are going to get. And Blogger won't let me upload my sweet video of Livin on a Prayer. So sadly you don't get to experience that joy. But just know in your heart that it was epic. 

Overall, it was an awesome night and I am soooo happy we got to go together and enjoy the strange looks that people gave me when they noticed I am prego and at a classic rock concert :)
Thank you Ryan for getting me the best V-Day and Anniversary present yet! 

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