Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Final Countdown

Well it's official, there is a baby in me and he is going to be here in 90 days. 

He is so energetic and fun to play with and he isn't even born yet. Ryan and I just have a blast every night poking my tummy and feeling him kick and move. We cannot wait. I also cannot wait for my joints to start realizing their full potential to work again. Apparently even my shoulders need to fall apart for my baby to be born. Because that is where I need the flexibility most. Thanks anatomy.

I know Ryan is even more excited for the toddler stage but I am just as excited about the squishy and soft newborn stage. Ugh those little feet are just going to be the cutest things ever. And his little face! Sorry, I started down the path of cuteness that could be a long train ride for you all.

Also, I need to let everyone know once again how grateful I am for my husband. He has been so amazing throughout this pregnancy. Whether it was my food hating stage or my constant fidgeting because no matter how I sit some part of me goes numb now stage, he has been such a solid trooper and I wouldn't trade him in for a new model any day. I hear people all around me (especially at work) complain about kids or marriage or pregnancy and other family related issues and I just have to stay out of those conversations because when it comes down to it, I am the happiest I have ever been and even though life throws curve balls and it can be a royal pain sometimes, I love every minute of it. And I am grateful to have a husband who equally appreciates family and kids and is a hard worker. I never have to complain about my husband because there is nothing to complain about when it comes down to it. And I don't think I could ask for anything more. 

Well onto other issues, you all remember that time that I said that we would all be in Italy this summer? Falsehood. Apparently Utah County needs two weeks to process a birth certificate so that I can get a copy to file for a passport for Tucker.... Sadly Italy is only 5 and a half weeks after he is born. So that means, no Italy trip for Tucker. I am heartbroken. So it will just be Ryan going now to Italy. I feel awful about that since he is going there to present a paper and that is such a huge honor! But sadly, the timing is just a few weeks off and it just won't work out. But hopefully Ryan's dad can go over with him. That would definitely make me feel better about it all. I want someone to see how amazing my husband is while he is there. But the nice part of the trip is still that I will just go down and hang out at Ryan's parents house for that week while he is gone since he is flying out of LAX and have some time to relax and hang out with Tucker's grandma :)

But it will all work out though since we might be heading back to Jordan this September for another conference. And that IS in the right time frame for us to get baby boy a passport! So fingers crossed that Jordan comes together! Because I want to travel sooooo bad! And I want to show all my friends in Jordan my baby! It will be like a post birth baby shower over there I am sure. If you couldn't tell, I am super excited about taking Tucker to my favorite places and showing him off to our friends. And thankfully I married a man who is just as fond of travelling and living in different countries as I am. So Tucker and our other children are definitely in for a wild ride. 

Ryan leaves a week from today. Not excited about that. At all. But it's for the good of the world that he goes so I guess it will just have to do. But if anyone in the area feels the desire to come visit me and rescue me from my loneliness, I will gladly bake you cookies or a casserole or something to pass the time. I may also need rescuing from my crafting efforts as we all know that that is anything but my forte and I am going to attempt at some crafts for Tucker's room while Ryan is gone. I may just end up being burned by hot glue and giving up after 10 minutes. I will also probably cry myself to sleep after watching Iron Man 3 without Ryan since he is my Tony Stark and those movies just remind me of our marriage... But enough complaining. It will hopefully go by quickly and we can be reunited and party our last two months before Tucker comes along.

Well here you go too I guess. It is a lovely self portrait taken in my office bathroom mirror. See the resplendent wall colors and breaker box behind me. I feel it accentuates my curves for sure. Either way, I am ashamed of the fact that I did that but I knew that if I put off taking a picture until I got home and Ryan could take it, it would never happen and I have received enough threats from those who want more bump pictures. But yes, ignore me and the surroundings and just focus on that all important baby bump :)

6 months! 


  1. Cutest baby bump! Love that polka dot blouse. Sad that you and Tuck can't go to Italy! But let's be honest, there will be LOTS of traveling in your guys' future. :)

  2. Wish I could come do crafts with you :) You know, to prevent you from getting 3rd degree burns and all.

    Cute baby bump ;)

  3. Yay for 6 months!!! If you need help with crafts I'm probably not the person to call since you know what happened with the whole quilt craft project.