Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Weekend and Conference!

First of all, I love this spring weather. Its mid 60's and sunny and glorious.
We have been busy getting everything done before Ryan's family came into town. But sadly, Ryan got a sore throat and cold on Tuesday so he had to be resting a lot. Poor guy. He can sure sleep when he is sick. Unless he is waking up and sneezing and/or having to blow his nose...
Well it was quite the Easter weekend. We had Ryan's ENTIRE family come into town. They got in on Thursday and proceeded to fill our days with fun and excitement. 
Friday was a great day in every way. It was Friday and I only had to work a half day. The weather was AMAZING! And we got to head up to Salt Lake and go around City Creek and eat at our favorite Peruvian restaurant with everyone. It was so fun. Then it was off to the cabin in Sundance to relax and hang out. It was so fun.
Saturday was when everyone went to the slopes in Park City. Ryan's sister and I went to do a little shopping around town and came back to make dinner for everyone when they got back.
Easter Sunday was another lovely day. We woke up and made a big breakfast and got ready for church. 
We had a great sacrament meeting and we took some cute family pictures afterwards. Which I do not have so you just have to imagine those... Until someone texts me those pictures but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. 
But then it was time for Easter Dinner! I had meant to make the pies the night before but I forgot when we started watching Les Mis and so I had to scramble and get those done... They should have settled longer but its okay, we were just starving anyway. But we had delicious ham, potatoes, green beans, salad, fruit and rolls. It was so fun to have everyone together and to eat far too much food. 
All in all, Easter was lovely. It was sad to see everyone leave again but we will be down to California at the end of the month for a baby shower that my mother-in-law is throwing me! :)
We then had to say a sad goodbye to a great Elder and friend from our area. Elder Garza got transferred to the far reaches of Spanish Fork.... So we had him over with his companion the night before he left and had a wonderful time laughing and crying. We miss him a lot but we know he is doing an amazing job and that he will be blessing the lives of many in Spanish Fork and we love him :) We have gotten another awesome Elder though. Elder Poulson is just wonderful as well so we are excited to get to know him too. But here is a picture of the four of us. From left to right it is: Me (aka bloated sappy prego woman that you shouldn't judge because I feel awkward taking pics with Elders), Elder Johnson (teddy bear of a Texan), Elder Garza (also Texan and so adorable) and then my studly husband.

This picture above is of the family that the Elders have been working with a lot. They have had two baptisms from the kids pictured here and all of them have grown to love the church and are just waiting to be baptized/ :) Lorena (girl on left in glasses) has actually decided to serve a mission as well after her year of membership has passed! We are so blessed to serve in this calling. We love love love it!

Then it was time for Conference weekend! April is seriously going by too quickly. Before I know it, Ryan will be jetting off the Middle East again and I will be haunting all the animal adoption places trying to get snuggle time with something warm and fuzzy. I have already warned Ryan that I might adopt a cat for every week that he is gone... But that is quickly morphing into I will probably begin adopting an animal 3-4 times a week. He will come home to a veritable zoo. But I don't think he expects anything less of me :)
ANYWAY. Back to Conference. Have I mentioned how much I love Conference weekend?? I am so glad it comes twice a year. So this past weekend was that glorious time in April where we are descend upon Salt Lake to be uplifted and edified by our beloved church leaders. It was fabulous as usual. I really enjoyed it.
It was a very busy weekend though as we took a few people up with us on Saturday to have them see conference for the first time (they were new converts to our ward). We also met up with some of Ryan's RM's that he taught in the MTC. They are seriously so cute. I just love them. So here are some actual pictures you can enjoy.

Ryan and his missionaries. So adorable. I seriously just loved these girls when I met them years ago while Ryan was teaching them. And Elder Wixom (now called Jake) is the biggest sweetheart. So glad we got to see them!

Windswept picture. Ignore the flattened hair. But I just think Ryan is so dang cute in this picture :)
I do have to say as well how amazing Saturday was for little miracles that came while in Salt Lake.
1. Ryan got to meet and talk to Clayton Christensen! He ran into him on the street and got to talk to him about phd programs! Now for those of you that don't know, Clayton is a Mormon business professor at Harvard and was voted the most influential businessmen in the world last year. So he is kind of Ryan's idol :) Anyway, Ryan got to ask him about his opinion on programs and he was just ecstatic. So that was awesome.
2. Then when Ryan was in priesthood session, I was in H&M and I found the best swimsuit ever that I will buy for my little Tucker when we go to Hawaii for Christmas.

Yes that is a baby speedo. I LOVE IT. That one was for a 1 year old though so I didn't get that one. I am going to see if I can find it in a smaller size though. It must be done.
And 3. We had parked in City Creek parking all day so we knew it would be like $20 when we were leaving after like 9 hours of parking there all day. So when we were leaving the parking garage, I decided not to look at the signs designating what kind of financial transaction each line would be taking and I pulled into the cash only lane. Of course. I never carry cash. So I tried to merge into another lane but no one could let me in because it was jam packed and the parking attendant just called me forward anyway. I apologized and asked if he could take a card. He instead took my parking ticket, asked me if I went to Conference, I said yes and he said to just enjoy the rest of my night! Awesome! Didn't have to pay for parking! :)

 Well then again on Sunday we had a TON of people over for the sessions. I made waffles that were so tasty and we had a blast with friends, investigators, and the missionaries. Our small living room was packed to capacity but that is the joy of conference :)
There are most things that were amazing and awesome about the weekend but those are for another post sometime.
All in all, I hope you have all had a lovely beginning to springtime with Easter and conference. Until next time, try not to snicker at the pictures of me too much.

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