Monday, January 13, 2014

Thanksgiving & Christmas

 Well Thanksgiving and Christmas are behind us and it was crazy to have all the family in town! But it was really nice to have everyone together for Thanksgiving. It wasn't too long afterwards that Christmas rolled around. We were in Park City with Ryan's family in an awesome cabin at the Canyons Ski Resort. There were ski days, sledding outings, snowmobiling adventures and snowball fights. We had a lot of fun with the little man and it was so fun to have Christmas with him. He is my angel and we are so completely OBSESSED with him!
He is starting to eat some solid foods now. So far he has had his rice cereal, some bananas, an orange (it was quite sour) and some carrots (not the biggest fan). I love that he is loving to eat. Even his carrots he didn't care for, every time I offered him the spoon, he still took some. He is such a good little man. It is so fun to see him grow and change. 
Here are the pictures that I have and I understand that this is all you really want to see :)

Christmas Morning! 

His snuggly bedtime buddy

The best thing to see before church :)

Tucker played Baby Jesus in a live nativity. He was soooo cute :) He kept sitting up when the Wise Men would come by.

Ryan hates this picture because he thinks it makes Tucker look like a girl. But it must be put up

Sledding with dad

Hes such a big boy

New Years Eve we went to Outback. Saw this sign and couldn't resist. But we wouldn't want anyone to take him away.

We are stellar parents who break the suggestions of the Bumbo. But the picture was perfect.

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