Thursday, May 19, 2011

California Reception!

Ryan and I went down to California over Easter to have our Orange County reception. It was a great road trip full of fun and adventure. We had our good friend, Dan Field, come and play with us. Along with our friends: Tyler, Kim, Stanly and Kevin. We had such a fun time in California and the weather was beautiful!
What a wonderful trip! Beach, Kat, and California! Can it get any better?? I submit that it cannot!
It was great to be done with the longest winter semester ever! Ryan graduated and I only have a semester and a term left! The reality is setting in!
The best part of our trip though was the day of the reception, while I was being primped and done up, my brother Seth showed up at the front door!! It was the best surprise ever! It was so nice to have him be there with me on such a great occasion. We were all sad that my parents weren't able to make it, but as other family obligations came up, we couldn't be sad. We had a blast with him and he got to walk me down the aisle!

Our reception was on Saturday, April 23rd. It was so beautiful! The weather was amazing. The location, Dove Canyon Courtyard was so beautifully done up thanks to the owners and to Pam. I couldn't believe how lucky we were to be having our reception there.

We took a ton of pictures, of course, and they turned out great. We loved them! The ceremony was wonderful. We had such a lovely time and Stanly did a wonderful job of presenting us to everyone. He played the cello before the ceremony and it was just magical.

My favorite moment of the ceremony, other than walking down the aisle with my brother and then standing with Ryan, was the surprise video that my brother-in-law, Evan made for us on his mission in Kenya. It was a beautiful song that he wrote and played and recorded for us to play at the wedding. It was so touching and Ryan and I both shed some tears along with other family members. We can't wait for him to come home! Only 6 more months! Here is the video. It's awesome.

We Become's Me- Evan Coles

The food was delicious and the fruit display was amazing! Such a beautiful day! I can't say that enough!

But, the evening had to end and Ryan and I got to drive off in a cool classic car! We had such a great time.
Of course though, since my brother was leaving the next day, we HAD to get him some In n Out. He enjoyed it I think, although he didn't feel too good the next morning... too many calories...
But regardless we all gathered together the next day to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ on Easter! Pam made a wonderful meal for us and Scott shared with us some very moving and personal thoughts on the holiday and what it meant to him. I think we all were able to think and reflect on the sacrifices that are made daily for us and for how grateful we should be that we live the lives that we do.
Well, we eventually had to leave. But sadly, my car refused to go. It died. Literally. So the poor beast is being sold and Ryan and I are down to a one car family!
But we have decorated our apartment now and it looks like a home finally! We are really loving the married life and are enjoying our cold spring here in Provo! :)


  1. Love love love the pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful reception! I wish that we could have been there.

  2. Oh my goodness!! why didn;t you tell me your brother came to your reception!! that's awesome, and it looked like you guys had a great time! PS love the blog!