Monday, May 23, 2011

Remedy for a rainy day...

So, since it is POURING once again here in Utah.... I decided to look through my pictures especially since the only thing on television is some stupid show about helicopters in ancient Egypt. I happened upon the lovely and wonderful pictures from our honeymoon! Obviously we didn't take pictures all day every day. And I don't think I am in a single one now that I look at them. Oh well. We had fun. And you get the idea. We got to be in paradise! Loved it!
So, I thought I would share these lovely shots of paradise to hopefully brighten up your rainy day! :)
 We honeymooned in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We stayed at a fabulous all inclusive resort called Sandos Carocal. It was right in the jungle and had a private beach with lots of fun activites and delicious restaurants.
We definitely recommend an all inclusive resort. We had amazing food everywhere. Amazing fruit and vegetables. So fresh and delicious. Our resort had all sorts of great restaurants and buffets. We even had a Mexican version of Tucanos! Definitely a plus.
 We also had lots of friendly critters to play with! There were these really weird rat things. They were like a mix of red pandas and raccoons. They are diurnal and loved eating out of our hands. SO much fun to play with every day! We always carried around some rolls with us to make sure that we kept up a good friendship with them.
 Rat things!

 Just want to say that almost ALL of our honeymoon pictures are of lizards. It's a little ridiculous. But I hope this also lets you know that they were EVERYWHERE. And, since my husband thinks he is a lizard-whisperer, we were always finding them and chasing them all over kingdom come. I swear Ryan could sense their presence. It was hilarious. But some of them were HUGE! At least 3-5 feet long! It was awesome! I bet they eat the stray babies that are left unattended on the beach.... Or the yappy dogs... I hope they eat the dogs...

 The resort also had these beautiful parrots! They were so fun to feed and see. So beautiful and colorful.

 And of course, we cannot forget to honor the most beloved of all hotel guests, the raccoons. These real raccoons were vicious little eaters who, I believe, are the real rulers of the hotel. They eat through EVERY garbage bag, EVERY night. Absolutely hysterical to walk by and hear them digging around. It was great.

 They had this funny little zoo at our resort that we walked around one time. These are the anti social deer type creatures. :)
We had cool little towel animals every day for us. We really enjoyed our time. We went out on jet skis in the deliciously warm Caribbean. Sadly, no pics of that....since we were in the water.... But we both ate a ton. Laid out on the beach. Got to meet some fun people. Enjoy the sights of Mexican dolphins and fishes and of course, enjoy the open bars and 24/7 food supply. :) Great trip. Looking forward to going again!

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