Monday, July 30, 2012

Batman, Birthdays and Baby Showers!

Well these past two weeks have been incredible! We have been busy non-stop literally and we have had some insane experiences!
To begin, obviously we moved into our new place as the previous post tells the story of.
Next we had a last minute visit from Ryan's brother David who came up here to drive to Cali with Ryan's other brother Evan. It was great to see him even for just a short period of time. Well that's when the scariest phone call of my marriage to date happened... I was sitting at work and Ryan called me. I answered and he proceeded to tell me that Evan and David (my brothers-in-law) were in a terrible car accident and rolled Ryan's car a few times off the freeway in Cove Fort, UT. Of course I freaked out. As far as we knew, they were okay but shaken up with some cuts and bruises. Well I called our insurance company and filed a claim and made sure that everything was okay on that end. However, Ryan and I immediately left work and made our way down to Kanosh, UT (worst place ever) to pick up our jostled relatives. I was so happy to know that they were okay and to see it for myself. However, Ryan's car, Maria, was beyond hope. She had been rolled a bunch of times. All the airbags deployed and the whole car was crushed. It was seriously a dream-like experience. I couldn't believe what I saw and the fact that David and Evan walked away from this without injuries. Well we gathered out all our things from the car and left her there to meet the insurance adjuster to then determine her fate. In the end, it all is fine. We are going to get Ryan a new car that he can love on and it will be awesome! :)

Then it was onto 'Bat-Week' as Ryan likes to call it. A week full of Batman bliss as we awaited the final installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy. We watched Batman Begins, Batman cartoons and we had a Dark Knight party on Wednesday with some great friends!
Then I got some amazing news, one of my best friend's, Felicia, is home from her mission!!! Ah I was so excited to talk to her this week and to hear all about her mission to Virginia! She is seriously such an amazing person and I am so blessed to have her as an example of Christ-like love in my life!
Thursday night we had a break from Batman kinda and threw our amazing friend, David, a birthday bash! We <3 David. So I made him a dark chocolate cake with raspberry creme filling and chocolate ganache icing! Yes it was delicious and yes it was amazing. We had a ton of fun and we loved having everyone over to our new place and celebrating with them.
Finally, the moment Ryan has been dying for for over a year.... The Dark Knight Rises.
I bought us tickets for the Friday evening IMAX showing so we could just make an evening of it after work. IT WAS AMAZING!!! So I do have to say it was heartbreaking to see the news of the shooting in Colorado. I cannot believe still that people can commit such terrible acts and my heart went out to the victims and their family members... It is so sad that we cannot even go to the movies here in America now without thinking of this atrocity.
So yes, we went to the movies and we were so excited to be there! I nearly cried during the previews since they showed the Hobbit and I am seriously so excited I can't even control myself. I LOVE THAT MOVIE ALREADY!!! Okay, back to Batman. Well, we loved it. A phenomenal movie and very well done. Of course, I was a mess at the end and Ryan was not let down since I told him for sure I would cry. I delivered on that promise. It was great and Ryan was very satisfied.

After all that, I had the great privilege of throwing one of my closest friends a baby shower! Kristen and I were roommates years ago and we have remained close ever since. She already has a beautiful little boy, Henry, and she is now expecting a little girl in August! I love Kristen and was so happy to throw this little shindig for her! I made some simple finger foods: mac & cheese bites, pretzels, and last, but definitely not least, my mother-in-law's famous eclairs! These are seriously so dang easy to make and so insanely delicious! I love them! They were a big hit! We played some fun games and had some good laughs. It was so fun! :)

Well California was a crazy week so it deserves it's own post...More to come! :)

Notes on the pictures... I had more pictures from the baby shower and such but Blogger has decided to hate me today and not load them... I will try another time to edit the pics!

Ryan's car

                                                                    Rasperry Cream Filling! YUM

Finished product! It was so dang good!

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