Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fathers Day & Ryan's Birthday Bash!

Well we went to Las Vegas for Father's Day weekend and also to celebrate my studly hubby's 25th birthday! It was an amazing weekend. We stayed at the Las Vegas Hotel. It is the hotel that Elvis performed at when he was finishing up his career. It was really fun and nice to be just off the strip and it was a great time! We had a bunch of fun hanging at the pool during the 110 degree days and then going out at night and hanging out on the strip. Took a bunch of pics that I will caption down below but in summary, here is what we did:
We went to the pool and got tan and dark.
We ate at Benihana and had an amazing meal! It is always fun to go to Benihana and we were seated with a fun couple from Oklahoma. They had just gotten married a couple hours before! They eloped and got married and they were heading back to the Army base in Oklahoma where they are both stationed the next morning! They were so fun to talk to and the husband had some great insight and stories from his time in the Middle East serving our country. We were really happy to get to meet them and wish them best in their newly married life!
We saw a terrible show... We saw the Cris Angel show at Luxor since they advertise it as a Cirque du Soleil show... It isn't. Just FYI. Basically it's a crappy magic show complete with PowerPoint slides of Cris Angel's life and you get to hear him say the F word a bunch of times and have them make dirty and inappropriate jokes even though it's advertised as a 'great show for the whole family!'... FALSEHOOD. Don't go. Spend your money on something better. I think they call it a Cirque show because someone does a cartwheel once. Okay, well enough on that. Learned a lesson there.
We also went to my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. It's called Marrakesh and it's a beautiful Morraccan restaurant. We all enjoyed an amazing meal and the setting and decor and dancing was awesome. Totally recommend it! It's sooo good!
Final moment of awesome, we went to the Cosmopolitan in the new City Center complex and enjoyed some wonderful 1920's music and live band while we relaxed and sipped some soda while everyone around us got drunk. It was such a fun night!
All in all, we headed back to Provo on Monday and we were sad to leave. It was so fun and we loved all being together to celebrate Ryan and Scott. The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been to see my own dad that day, but sadly, distance can prove to be too much sometimes. But Dad, you rock!
Yes we made it down to Vegas on a half tank of gas... I love my car

Driving through the gorge
Marrakesh! Best restaurant ever!
Bellagio conservatory! These were giant bees and flowers hanging from the ceiling! It was beautiful!
Cranes made of flowers in the Bellagio... So pretty!
Frog made of flowers and moss. I seriously love the Bellagio
Birthday picture taken of us by the lovely staff at Benihana
Eiffel Tower... Definitely not nearly as pretty as the real one... But it will do
More from the Bellagio
A street walker.... He is the random man in the torn up jean skirt and odd assortment of clothing. He was dancing.. It was hilarious.
Painting recreated from flowers. It was so pretty!
More of the Bellagio! 

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