Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hogle Zoo!!

Sorry this took so long to post but... A few weekends ago we went to the zoo with our friends Dan and Tia! We headed up to Salt Lake and had lunch at Costa Vida beforehand and embarked on our exciting journey through the animal kingdom!
Some of the highlights of our trip were the elephants, tigers, gorillas, and giraffes! We got to see a zookeeper show of the elephants and got to learn some more about these awesome creatures! The craziest fact was that elephants are pregnant for 21 months. I would die. I'm glad I am not an elephant.
I wore my zebra shirt in the hopes that I would see some lions and that they would think I was a zebra. I just wanted to interact with them... But sad day, there are no lions...Another day...
The tigers were beautiful! To see these big cats lounging in the sun and soaking up some warmth was so cute and thy totally demand your respect. All I could think of was the tiger in 'We Bought a Zoo.' I wanted to hear them chuff but sadly I was far too chicken to wake them from their beauty sleep.
The giraffes were so pretty so see and interact with. The monkeys were insanely entertaining and they made us laugh and it made me so excited to go to Peru and see them in nature. I can't wait! Regardless, I totally recommend going to the zoo here in Salt Lake. We had a lot of fun and it is a great day trip! Seriously I totally suggest going to the Hogel Zoo! It is a cheap and fun day (only like $12 a person for admission) and it is so fun and there are a ton of fun animals and animal presentations! Here are some pics from the day. Sorry the quality isn't the best... These are iPhone pictures but they will do! Enjoy! :) Oh and yes I changed my hair and now am the proud owner of bangs. I love them!

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  1. I like your bangs! I think they look really good!