Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Lovin

So we have been having a blast here in P-Town this summer. We have been busy working, playing and moving and all sorts of fun! 
We have also been having lots of wildfires around us here in Utah. They have been pretty devastating and we have been praying for rain a lot. Luckily today as I am writing this it is supposed to start raining. Hopefully it does so our firefighters can get some rest soon. They have been working so hard and for so long. Also, I would definitely encourage my friends to donate blood to the Red Cross since they are at a critical level now and need more volunteers! Ryan and I are going to go this next week and donate... It's not our favorite thing to do but it is worth it to help save lives! You can find a local spot to donate on this link:
Well the following pictures and stories are from the last couple weeks here in Utah and let me tell you, we live an exciting life, so prepare yourselves for an overdose of awesome....
So these first five pictures are from my week long adventure in Park City with my company. We had our User's Conference at the Canyon's Resort. It was very beautiful up there! I could have stayed there but that would have meant me being away from Ryan for a week and we had to pack up so we can move this next week. So I just commuted every morning. It was beautiful to go through the canyon in the mornings and evenings and to see the sun rise and set along the way home. 
Deer Creek Reservoir

These pics above are taken at the Canyons. The pool was great and the hotel was very pretty. 
This next section is the FIRE section of this post. So we have had a bunch of fires going on all around us here lately... I will describe the locations of these and if they are not out or not...
This is the Alpine fire right by Draper and Alpine. It started on Tuesday and it is mostly out by now. But it was very big for sure!
This is the Saratoga Springs area fire on the other side of Utah Lake. It burned for about a week and has finally been put out.
The fiery sunset from the Saratoga Springs fire. This was taken from Orem... So that is about 15ish miles... It was a big fire...

Alpine fire... That is smoke overtaking Timpanogos Mountain.
This is also from the Saratoga fire
Saratoga fire
This is my adorable friend, Henry. He is my friend Kristen's little boy and we got to babysit him the other night so his mom and dad could go on a much deserved date! We had a blast playing in sprinklers, feeding ducks at the duck pond, played in the BYU waterfalls and streams and rolled down the Maeser Hill. He is so dang cute... 
These last pictures are from the Riverwoods where we met up with our friends Ryan and Morgan and watched our other friend Justin sing and play his guitar there in the courtyard. He was so good! We then went into the Provo Beach club and played croquet and I proved to myself that I am definitely not going to get on any national team anytime soon. But we had a blast and then went up to Farr's and ate some delicious ice cream! Great times here in Provo! :)

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  1. Those fires are crazy! Good luck with your move :)