Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blessed Be Egypt, My People.... :)

Oh Egypt.
Sorry that it has taken me so long to finally upload all these pics and stories... It has been such a mess since we got home like my computer dying because of a delightful worm that has embedded itself into it.... So many hectic stories to tell which will all (someday) make it onto the blog.
Well, here we go...
We arrived in Cairo on the 28th. It was amazing to fly over the Red Sea, Suez Canal, see the pyramids from the sky and finally land. It was like I was coming home. I felt so at ease in this foreign land. It was breathtaking. I absolutely have all the love in the world for this land and these people.
Ahmed picked us up from the airport. We arrived at the Shaaban's home and got settled into our room before eating some delicious dinner (Talmiah- Egyptian falafel) and pita and salata. Then Ahmed and Ali took us out to a coffee shop later that evening. It was quite an honor that they took me with them because usually this is a boy's activity. But I got to have subiah! This is an amazing drink of coconut milk and sugar and it is my favorite! We also went on our Nile cruise this first night.
First picture taken in Egypt! :)

Coffee shop with the boys

First metro ride!

Nile cruise! Crazy!

Hanging on the banks of the Nile... Still can't believe I was there!

Walk like an Egyptian... In Egypt... :)

I loved seeing all the donkeys pulling carts! Although they look so tired...

This is the prison where Mubarak is being held! We weren't supposed to take a picture... Oh well! History!

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