Sunday, September 18, 2011

To bring you all up to speed...

So, since we have come home, we have had some fun adventures!
Ryan and I walked in graduation from Brigham Young University. Ryan, of course, graduated in April of this year and I do not graduate until this December, we got to walk together and have our family come out and see us! It was great! I will post those pictures soon... Once I get them from my in-laws.
We had a great time with our parents. We had lots of BBQ's, we went to Park City and rode the alpine coaster and alpine slide. All in all, we had a great time with the fam and were sad to see them leave...
Ryan started his job at State Farm and he is doing so well! We are still busy working on things with Zaytoon International. Currently we are working on fundraising for the NGO and are planning tons of great activities. We are also getting things sorted out to start implementing our program in Salt Lake City teaching the Iraqi and Sudanese refugees there! We are so excited! Hopefully by January of 2012 we will have that started!
I am in charge of recruiting interns for all our many programs for Zaytoon. I have started a sub-program which I am so excited about. I am getting books and bookshelves donated so that the community centers in Jordan can have books available for the youth. They do not have public libraries in Jordan and, as a book nerd, this is just unacceptable. So I am working to change this. I am gathering basic English books, young adult books (like Nancy Drew) in English and then any and all levels of books in Arabic. So excited! It is going so well already!
We are also looking for interns to go and teach for 3 months in Jordan just like this past summer. We are in the process of getting contracted by the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development and the World Bank. We will be working in more community centers all over Jordan by the Dead Sea and West Bank.
So yes, we have definitely been busy.

I got to go to Park City Olympic Park with my friends Kim and April and we got to go on the fun rides that they have there. We went on two ziplines, an alipine slide, got to see a really awesome ski jump show and then went on the olympic bobsled! It was sooo cool! It goes so fast! 70 mph! What a rush! I suggest it to anyone for sure!

I also was blessed enough to get a new car! My car died in April and Ryan and I have been sharing our car since then. But since we live far from campus and work, we knew we needed another one. So we leased a new 2011 Jetta S! We love it!!

I am in some awesome classes this term. In one of my classes, Geogrpahy of Southeast Asia, we have an assignment to enjoy some of the food of the culture. We had the choice to either make the food ourselves or to go to a restaurant... I opted to make it of course! I made an amazing green thai curry! It was sooo good!
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