Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pyramids Part 1... AKA Best Day EVER

This was the day of the pyramids. Words cannot describe my excitement and happiness from this moment in my life. It was the culmination of all of my childhood dreams coming true. I can't describe the emotions, and you don't want to read those anyway, so here come pictures!!! All I have to say is that I have the greatest husband in the world... he took me to Egypt... :)

Ryan and Ahmed as we were waiting for our animal friends to be prepared...

MY CAMEL!!! I dubbed him Yosef. I love him and miss him!!! He was huge!!! I was sooo high up in the air! It was so fun to get on and off of him. Its like a crazy ride at a theme park. Nerve-racking at first and you think you will fall off, but then you get used to it...

Egypt is so beautiful! So lush! I was no expecting it to be this green! This is a canal of the Nile.

Water pump. So cool.

Riding through the streets to the pyramids

First view of the pyramids!!!

Parked camel... Gosh I miss being there!

So this is actually the ancient palace of the Pharaohs... The Bedouin own it and live here. I was not supposed to take any pictures of it. But I snagged this one before they told me not to. It was awesome!!!

The Great Pyramid!

It was sooo hot this day! And there is nooo shade anywhere at the pyramids. Definitely a day for hats and long sleeve shirts! Sunburn is inevitable!

They have all these cute poses you can do with the pyramids.

Camel lovin'... You can see him smile! So cute!

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