Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last of Egypt...

The following day was the last day before Ramadan would begin. So, needless to say, everyone was prepping themselves for this month of fasting. Ahmed took us to an amusement park called, "Dream Park". It was about an hour outside of Cairo, and again it was cool to see Egypt as we were driving by. It was basically an overpriced carnival but it was fun to be there with our friend.
That night we went into Tahrir Square and walked around all the tents. There were still thousands of protesters there and they were giving speeches. The energy was amazing and I know Ryan was loving every minute of it.
Because we found Tahrir wasn't the terrifying place that we were told it would be, we decided the next morning to go to the Egyptian Museum which is located on the Square. The Museum was amazing. I got to see King Tut's Mask and sarcophagus! It was breathtaking. I wish I had pictures to show you but I was not allowed a camera in the museum. I saw so many beautiful remnants and artifacts from ancient Egypt. Statues, grave adornments, mummies, tons of sarcophagi, and papyri. It was so wonderful to be there. I felt like I was being overwhelmed with awesomeness. I love Egypt so much!
Well we left the Museum after only being there an hour. I felt restless and didn't know why. So we left to my dismay. But I am so glad we did. As we were walking up to Tahrir Square to cross to get back to the car, the place went insane. People started banging on poles and picking up sticks and hitting anything that would make a noise. I was freaking out. The civilians that they had policing the Square (since they won't let any law enforcement or military in) didn't want to let us in either. They said it was too dangerous. I agreed. However, we needed to get back to our car. So our friend, Abdullah, talked them into letting us cross. All around us was pandemonium. Ryan was holding my hand and we were scurrying through the insanity. People were grabbing propane tanks and were all running down to this one street. People kept telling us to hurry and only go to the car and we finally looked down the street where all the commotion was and we saw the Egyptian Army and police force marching down the street with their tanks and riot gear. It was the most insane sight I have ever seen. Yea, words cannot describe the feelings that I felt at this time. But we ran to the car and quickly got out of there. Later on that night we were at home with the Shaaban family and their son, Mousad, who is in the army told us what happened that day. The military were tired of all the protests and they decided since it was Ramadan and Mubarak's trial had started, that it was time to move on from Tahrir and protest and move on towards progress. So yes, we were in Tahrir both that last night it existed and when it was being taken down. Pretty amazing. Ryan and I love that story.

Our theme park visit.

Isn't this the weirdest mascot to have for a theme park? A weird old man??

I have such a strong hubby... :)

I love enlgish translations...

The Satanic sun

View from the ferris wheel at night of Dream Park

Tahrir!!! So everyone wanted to take pictures with us in Tahrir. This was a woman who loved having me near her because I was American. They absolutely loved us!

The last night of Tahrir in its revolutionary state

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